I will never learn...

wertach zone 7-B SCJuly 18, 2011

I told myself, DO NOT PLANT MORE THAN 12 TOMATOES THIS YEAR! I ended up with 30. I started 6 Brandywine and 6 Big Boys from seed, good plan I thought. But I couldn't resist buying the 6 packs of better boys, early girls, sweet 100's. when I went by my local greenhouse!

I picked 4 five gallon buckets full yesterday. Took one bucket to work, the other three to the food bank. I am dreading going out in the heat this afternoon and picking more, then finding them a home!

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Why don't you can or freeze them. Then you van enjoy fresh sauce in the winter.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Amen! Take up canning. That way you can have them year round - whole, crushed, stewed, scalloped, juice, 50 different sauces.

Sweet 100s are great when dehydrated.


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I said to myself... only 50 this year, that is now up to 80 I think, I keep finding areas and pots to tuck them in and I can't stand to let any of the volunteer Black Cherry tomatoes go to waste either. I'm zone 5, so I'm about a week or 2 from going through what you are right now :)

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wertach zone 7-B SC

"Why don't you can or freeze them."

I have 70 quarts canned, 25 quarts frozen! I'm tired! :)

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

"Why don't you can or freeze them."

I have 70 quarts canned, 25 quarts frozen! I'm tired! :)

Clearly it's time you learned to dehydrate!

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kudos for donating and not letting them go to waste

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i want you to go and sit in the garden and think about what youve done.

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I usually only plant about two dozen each year. Then I chimed in on the seed exchange forum and before I knew it had 30 different VARIETIES to plant for this year. I couldn't help but plant 4-6 of each kind people were so nice to send me. I wanted to make sure one of each came up healthy. Of course, most of them did!

I ended up with about 90 growing in my yard with about 20-25 different types and most of the rest found good homes among family and friends (and some willing strangers).

"Luckily" early blight knocked back some of the vigor on most of the plants, so I'm not going to be buried alive by tomatoes. It looks like I'll have just a little bit of a bunch of different kinds to enjoy and decide what to plant next year.

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Buried alive by snow, hope for a rescue. Buried alive by Tomatoes? Eat your way to freedom!

I have 10 marglobe plants and about 10 vol romas from last year. There is no way I'm giving any of them away, next year I plan on growing 48 plants. 6, 4x8 raised beds each with 8 of thier own variety. Maybe I'll do one bed with several different cherry types instead of all 8 being the same.

Looking foward to trying cherokee purple and sun-gold as those seem to be the most talked about recently.

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I never have a problem with too many tomatoes. I have a lot of family close by, neighbors, co-workers, etc. who I will give tomatoes to during the overflow times. If I find that I have too many to give away to family or friends, I'll drop them off to a local food drive - if they'll accept perishables.

If you want to make quick work of a lot of tomatoes, make fresh salsa or tomato sauce - takes up minimal space and uses a lot of tomatoes fast.

I have 24 plants this year - down from 32 in previous years - but I could easily have close to double that and not have any waste (short of the stupid birds pecking at them, but that's a mixed bag - they eat hornworms too).

The way I look at it is, I can either have a huge yard filled with grass which just looks nice (when it's not browning in the summer heat), or I can have a yard which produces food and offers something more meaningful.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I picked two more buckets full. Went by the food bank and they didn't want them, someone else had brought a bunch to them this morning. Went to Salvation Army soup kitchen, they didn't want them, too many donations already.

I can't believe that we planted 100+ tomatoes every year before my Dad died. But I get higher yields than we did back then, Dad didn't like cages or mulch, so a lot of them rotted.

I guess I'll go get more freezer bags......

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carlasuewho(9B Petaluma N Bay Fog Belt)

Please overnight those extra tomatoes to me! Better yet, email them and I'll have them in a couple minutes! Here in the San Francisco North bay we're still about a month out till the big harvest assuming it happens this year. In any given year there are always plenty of people, food banks, etc. that will take extra tomatoes. In fact, in this fog belt, very few people have ever spoken the words "too many tomatoes".

I have the same problem with setting my goal at X number of plants and what I actually grow. I just planted 2 more yesterday that a nursery was going to "put down". Sort of an experiment for plant growth, temps, etc. and sorta because, well,my gosh I haven't tried these 2 varieties..what the heck? Maybe they'll produce this late.

We can have so much discipline in our lives when it comes to other matters. Why do we lose control when it comes to tomatoes?

Terrybull, you had me rolling on the floor! I deserve a timeout, too. But next spring...nah, the urge will overcome the consequences.

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My tomatoes are done for the season. You can ship them to me. I will pay you shipping :)

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dlsm(Z9b Titusville Fl)

Wertach, I wish I had your problem. This is the season in Florida when we don't have any tomatoes. I'm having to buy tomatoes that have no taste.

Just started seed for my fall/winter tomato crop. For the next few months the blossoms won't set, due to the heat problem.

Happy gardening to all,


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While mine have not ripened yet, by the looks of the number of greenies, I will be in the same spot soon. I will dehydrate them rather than can. We will eat them all winter and they will not take up much space. Loads of recipes for sun-dried toms! enjoy your abundance.

I will never learn, either. Did I mention my Tonta di piacere zuchini?

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