Help looking for black thorn bush

pammy12663(8)February 14, 2009

Can anyone help me find a black thorn bush? A cutting or maybe where to purchase. PLEASE



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Perhaps you should read some posts on this forum and the woodlands forum before you plant what you are wanting. Most consider it a pest and highly invasive. It is listed as a noxious weed in some states.

If you are serious you can probably find plants by doing a search and just put in the name. Commonly as a one word name but sometimes two words.

You did bring a memory of a lady that stopped at a garden club sale that was looking for strawberry vetch. When I offered to let her come to my house and get all she wanted she looked at me like I had grown two heads with antlers.

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I looked for blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) for years before I found it at Oikos Trees. It is very common in the UK, but very difficult to find in the US.

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