Skunk Cabbage is up, warming the bees

cynandjon(Z 5/6)February 8, 2009

The skunk cabbage has emerged through the ice. When the skunk cabbage comes up it is 95 degrees inside. The bumble bees also awaken and use the Skunk Cabbage to warm up in the frigid February weather.

(this is in our creek)

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Appears that the native Flora and Fauna know more about the coming of spring than we do, despite the currently freezing temperatures.
Saw the second flock of migrating Canada geese, within the last 10 days, heading toward their nesting grounds. Of course they stop along the way to feed and rest, but it's always a harbinger of spring for us, here in the frozen Southland, where we have experienced one of the coldest winters within recent years and it began in November.
Only 38 days, 14 hours until the vernal equinox!
No bumblebees have ventured out here yet. No bees at all, are evident.

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

We never see the bumble bees either. But they do come start comming out this time of year.
Where are you located?

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I have had an occassional honey bee since the first of January but not bumblers. Bumblers hatch later here. I will probably see my first in the second week of March.

Kansas City area.

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

I read there are many insects that actually emerge but I guess we dont see them.

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My skunk cabbage has not emerged, so maybe I have lost it. However, I have seen lots of insects, including some type of bee, in our last two days of 70+ degree weather. I have three types of trillium up and the beginning of several other natives, not to mention Cyclamen coum and daffodils. I know it will get cold again, but I just hope the Magnolia stellata slows down. I hate to see those blooms killed!

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

WOW 70 degrees, That's nice cant wait until its that warm here. It was 60 today. But its still to early in NE PA to be warm consistently.

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