Group Purchase Pine Bark Veggie Mix Container Mix

chemacresApril 27, 2010

White Oak Farms in Oconomowoc has an aged pine bark container / vegetable mix for $55 / yd. The problem is , they don't allow small pickups etc. on site there. They will be opening up their state st site (state / 54th ?) down by Miller Park / Miller Valley ... sort of a vague location / industrial park. They did refer me to a fellow named Jim Sansone ?sp who has a business called "One Yard at a Time." He acts as there agent to divvy out a yard or two to private parties.

His truck is down for the remainder of the week - sounded like hauling charges might be steep if he has to go out to that Ocon. site ... just wondering if others here would be interested in going in on some of this type of container mix - my main interest is container vegetables and especially rooftop (garage shed house etc) growing.

I am setting up my rooftop contraptions again presently, and hopefully, with some better soil system, my new water transfer pump, Greentek shading etc., we'll get some real production this year.

Contact me if interested in this type of project or getting some cheaper bark mix

Thanks, Chuck

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