Gold medal tomatoes

sharonrossyJuly 29, 2012

Someone gave me 2 gold medal plants. They are about 5 ft tall, have flowers, quite large ones, but not really seeing any fruit. They were planted the 2nd week in June. Is it normal to take this long? I live in Montreal and we've had a hot summer so far. This is my first time with this tomato which came from a farm further north. Any advice?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Patience is my advice. LOL

I've grown Gold Medal and it's one of over about 200 named gold/red bicolors.

Those who list it in the SSE annual Yearbook say it's an 80 to 85 day variety, which is true for some other gold/red bicolors but certainly not all, far from it.

So it's a late season variety which is why I suggested patience. ( wink)

Below is a link to Tania's page for it at her website where over 3, 000 varities have pages, most with pictures and descriptions and seed sources when there are seed sources.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tania's T-base page for Gold Medal

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Thanks Carolyn, that's what I figured. Actually I went out again to check, and lo and behold, a couple of small fruits. It doesn't look like it's a plant that gives too many tomatoes, probably because they are so big. I just hope I get to eat one before the frost, LOL!

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I'm growing them also this year. I started mine about a month before you and just last week I picked the first ones. Although it looks like it will be a productive variety.

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What I' ve noticed that there are only two or three flowers per stem. Guess its because they get so big. I'm hoping it will be productive. Keeping my fingers crossed. Anything special that you do with this one? I've found that heirloom tomatoes have a greater tendency to blossom end rot.

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I think I get at least 6 flowers per stem especially early on in the season. The yield isn't going to be very high because the fruits are so big but on average I get about 12-15 fruits per plant with each well over a pound each.

I've never had BER on gold medal btw so I am not sure if you need to do anything special besides even watering and fertilization. The only thing I can think of is it really does need sturdy support because the fruits can be very heavy.

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Got really excited when I discovered fruits forming and fast! It's like they morphed out of nowhere. I am making sure they are really supported. So far no BER with these. Keeping my fingers crossed"

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I am embarassed to admit that for the second yr in a row I dont know which plants are which. Not gonna happen next yr. Just wanted to say that I have the most and biggest red yellows ever for me. I planted 6 Mr Stripeys, 2 Va Sweets and 4 Hillbillys. I have the table covered with these tomatoes. I weighed the biggest and it tipped the scales at 37 ounces. I like the taste a lot.

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My gold medals just started and I'm worried they won't have time to grow and ripen. I don't know why it took them so long to have fruit. I planted them 2 nd week in June. All my other tomatoes have gone bonkers. I'm growing Mr. Stripey for the first time. I have to be aggressive with pruning 'cause it's also gone nuts. Nothing is ripe yet.

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