Tomatoes not getting ripe

zzeasy(z6 PA)July 25, 2009

Planted my usual mix of tomatoes- Juliet, Sweet Cherry, Big Beef and a few others that are not "late" maturity toms. So far have picked about 4 full size and maybe 2 cups of cherry/Juliet. Last year we canned tomatoes on July 27! Whats up? Temps were a bit cooler this year in PA but still hot! Any ideas or anyone experiencing later tomatoes as well?

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That seems to be a common complaint.

I'm not overrun by any means (yet)... But this week, kind of out of nowhere, my Krims & Mortgage Lifters started to turn. I had a Beefsteak turn (it was kind of hidden) and I got three more Jaune Flammes. I know it's not easy, but it looks like we just have to be patient :)

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yeah just browse through the many other "my plants won't ripen/turn/get ripe/get red/etc." posts here" for details and you'll see that you are in the same boat with many many others. ;)


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All of those green tomatoes are defective. Remove them all immediately.

p.s. for those that are a little thick, this is not intended to be serious advice.

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I am in the same boat. Just getting a couple Jet Stars and Sunsugars daily, and got one early Black Krim for some reason. Everything else is green except Cherokee Purple which should be giving up a couple later this week. It is slower than molasses this season. There is just not a lotta blushin' going on.

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homegardener2009(6b SE PA)

I haven't yet gotten any ripe large tomatoes, and the cherry tomatoes are just starting to make some progress. But my super sweet 100s are just beginning to ripen. I have a lot of green ones on the vines, so I am also eagerly awaiting any sign of ripening.

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recluse(6b/7 NE TN)

Everything was slow to ripen, but eventually I got celebrity, esthers cherry, cherokee purple, homestead, and super marmande (Kim loves those).

I still do not have a ripe manitoba, and I was sure manitoba was an early. I have two plants and each one has 1 tomato that is just now ripening.

I had a cherokee purple and marmande in bwb and both have green/yellow shoulders. I figure that was caused by low temps all month.

Weird summer in ne tn.

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I just picked 2 little golden cherrys yesterday and even they could of used a day or two more. With almost 500 plants, the end of July and still no tomatoes even close to being big enough in size, let alone color and ripeness. I've never had a season like this

I think I am just going to pick them all and destroy them as they must be defective.

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I'm painting mine.

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I have a few ripe tomatoes here and there, some of them are the later varieties like caspian pink, bull's heart, and mortgage lifter, but I planted in mid April. I'd say on average I'm getting stuff 2-3+ weeks later than I would have expected.

On the bright side I have a blushing Brandywine and I'm anxious to see it ripen. This is my first year growing it.

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I sympathize. If I don't see any ripening happening by the second week of August, I am pulling them all out and starting over.

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I've been yanking mine off the plants a tad prematurely (when they are only about 1/4th to 1/2 ripe) & letting them ripen off the plant. This seems to be

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tn_veggie_gardner I believe if you review discussions on when to pick, much of the opinion seems to lean towards picking as soon as tomatoes begin to blush. Seems to be no benefit to leaving them on the vine beyond first blush, only leaves fruits open to be affected by the environment/various critters.

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I'm in Pennsylvania also with the same complaint. Perhaps it was due to cooler Spring temperatures or the record-breaking rains we had. All I know is that it wasn't until this past weekend when things started to turn around. The Black Krims, Constoluto Genoveses, and one KBX were all changing colors...finally. Just like others have said, be patient. Once they get going you'll be swimming in tomatoes. Happy Gardening!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kim's Pennsylvania Garden

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I'm just getting tomatoes. Must have 20-30 small ones now not counting the cherries. I have one beautiful beefsteak off a sunchief that will be ripe tomorrow- I bought the plant with the tomato already on it - I have no other ones on the plant. I can't wait to eat it. It will be a big september harvest. Most of mine were supposed to be ready 65-75 days from plant out which was May 20 or so

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Yep same deal here. I have 5 tomatoes that I can count on my dozen or so plants so far. Just the astronomical amounts of rain and cooler temps slowed everything down this year. End of August I'll probably get my first tomato.

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I got 4-5 full size Goliath so far. A couple of big beef are turning colors.

Supersonic/Jetstar/Jetsonic/Ramapo/Rutgers/Jubilee/Moreton are loaded with green tomatos.

Boxcar/Opalka are not doing well.

Yellow Pear becomes a monster green tree, with little tomato. One out of 3 plants actually lied.

Brandywines (PL and read) are not also doing well. I made the mistake of planting pole beans next to them and the bean leaves cover up the whole tomato. Probably will give it another chance next year.


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