Oh great. Frost and a peach.

cranberry15(Zone 5 WI)April 4, 2012

Hello Wisconsinites. Here's a short rant for your Wednesday morning. I have a peach tree. I know, I know, I must be a glutton for punishment. Just about all the blossoms have opened now and it's quite lovely. Just checked the forecast and was happy to see sun for the next several days. I need those pollinators to get moving!!! Then I looked at the nightly lows and I'm screwed. Frost warnings through Friday. Awesome. We can weather it, but it means I have to get out there every evening and maneuver a sheet over some poles, up on a stepladder, trying not to mangle too many blossoms. (Lord help me if it's windy) All this when I'm ready to pass out from caring for a toddler and a crawler all day. Why do I do this to myself?!

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Hopefully you have a nice microclimate right around your peach tree that will protect it. What variety do you have? My peach tree will first be arriving on Thursday :-) So next year I will be with you on trying to protect it. Good luck with your little assistants ;-) I have two in the same stages and our little project has been blueberries this year.

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I'm ignoring it. They're saying only 30 in Madison and the flowers should be fine at that temp especially since it shouldn't last that long.

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I ordered a peach tree this year, so I'll be you next year. My boys are 4 and 2, so they're a little better at keeping out of trouble now. They actually let me get a lot done, since I built a trellis house for them in our backyard. That said, covering a full grown peach tree doesn't sound like fun! I don't know where exactly you live, but near Madison (me) they're predicting 33, 30, 34 as lows for the next few nights. While there will be frost, that won't necessarily kill the peach blooms. Here's a link to the temperatures the peaches can withstand at the various stages of development. If it is in full bloom, it should be ok to as low as 28 degrees F. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Peach blossom hardiness

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cranberry15(Zone 5 WI)

Wow! Fruitmaven, that chart is awesome. I will definitely be adding that one to my files. Thanks.
So I did go ahead and cover last night with a lightweight tarp. Doesn't look like we got any frost, though, so I'll reassess tonight. My DH helped me get it up and over the thing. The breeze was picking up this morning when I went to remove it so, really, this is not an ideal situation.
To answer other questions above...
I'm in Racine County, about 12 miles inland, just west of I94.
It's a Reliance peach. Got it from Stark Bros 3 or 4 years ago. I've had mixed
success so far. Last year wasn't so great. I think I culled too early, for one thing.
My boys are 2 1/2 and 8 months. I'm getting used to using a wrap to carry the baby on my back while I do chores!
And Mary, I'm getting blueberries this year too!! My bed is all ready. I believe Jung is shipping here around the middle of April.

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You're welcome :) I saw someone else post a similar chart and did a quick search for that one. A few weeks ago, I didn't even know that kind of chart existed!

I've heard people say the quality of Reliance really depends on the year. I just ordered a McKay peach tree. It is from a seedling from Waterloo, WI, about an hour north of Madison. Apparently, it blooms and fruits every year on top of a windy hill in WI. It's worth a try, at least it'll have pretty flowers in the spring.

I loved the wraps, I had a Moby one. My boys are much too big now to appreciate being in them now, but I've still kept it.

I have some blueberries in my yard as well, one Patriot and two Friendship. I just put them in last year, so no fruit yet. I was super-excited yesterday, though, I got my Jungs order in the mail! I'll be planting currants, a blackberry, and raspberries today.

I'm a bit worried about the frost tonight, they're saying 29 degrees here for a low. My apple tree is just about ready to blossom. My backyard is south-facing though, and generally stays warm (we're in town, there are the neighbor's wooden fences and our arborvitae hedge). Also, the one apple tree with blossoms shouldn't produce much fruit this year, it still needs to grow. I did let it ripen one apple last summer, and it was the most amazing Honeycrisp I've ever had :)

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