daffodils in raised beds

daisymaewi5April 6, 2011

Hi - I have 2 sets of daffodils in my garden. One, I planted last fall in a raised bed and the other is NOT in a raised bed but in the ground. The in-ground daffodils were planted over a year ago and are doing nicely, 4-5 inches high. The daffodils planted in the raised bed (normal soil, just 1' above ground) aren't coming up. Did the Wisconsin winter kill my daffodil bulbs in the uninsulated planting area?

Thank you!

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Are they both the same variety? I've got some daffodils that are very slow to come up while other varieties are much faster. The amount of sun they get is also a factor, the ones in shadier spots are usually slower.

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Thanks for your response. I don't know if they are the same variety. The pics on the bags looked similar, but who knows. One area is up against the east side of my house and the other is up against the east side of a lilac bush. I would say they both get the same amount of sun light.

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If the daffs in the raised beds are near the sides, they could have frozen. Raised beds often freeze from the sides in. You could always dig around and see. I don't think it'd hurt the bulbs (When the snow melts, I sometimes have sprouting bulbs above the ground, and just rebury them).

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Key words are:

"One area is up against the east side of my house"

Chances are this ground never froze solid in the winter becaues of the heat radiated by the foundation itself, not to mention the morning sun. The dafs and other bulbs on the east side of my house are in full bloom while the ones in the main bed are just out of the ground.

I wouldn't worry, give them some time


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OP here with an update: The daffodils that are near the house are nearly blooming and some of the daffodils in the raised bed are now an inch or two high. Some haven't appeared yet, but I am hopeful!

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