Native Cypripediums

birdboyhg(PA 6a)March 13, 2008

HI all. Im back. I'm sorry if you have already read one of my many posts, but you just never know who is going to see something, so here it is again. I am a college student working on a Cypripedium reintroduction project(im also a cyp. collector, so non natives and hybrids are also welcome). I am looking for seeds, seedlings, plants/divisions of native US cypripediums, as close to Lycoming county, PA as possible, but more of a focus on plants with native genes. Because my goal is reintroduction, I am looking for wild gened plants. I am not looking for wild plants, but Im interested in the clump your great great grandmother has in her garden that she collected from the wild 100 years ago. I am currently attempting to sprout seeds of reginae, parv parv, parv pub, acaule, and calceolus. If they sprout, I am willing to trade some of the seedlings for other seelings, plants, etc. You can also check my trade list for others. If you can't find anything, maybe we can work something else out! Thank you all very much.


also looking for native trilliums

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