Shade plant that can be used as screen

javajoMarch 20, 2006

Hello everyone - first time posting!

I need some advice.

Our backyard is woodland with very rocky and clay based soil.

I'd like to plant something along our fence that can act as a screen/natural divider so we can have a bit of privacy from our neighbrs.

As I mentioned, our backyard is very shady with rocky clay-like soil.

I'm looking for something that will get rather tall - 10ft or so. It wouldn't hurt if it growed quickly as well.

I've read that Japanese Laurels are a great shade plant but I'm not sure if they would do well in my zone.

Any suggestions at all would be much appreciated!

Thanks again!

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

Whatever japanese laurels are they are not hardy in zone 5.
How about rhododendrons? What is your backyard like that it is so shady?

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I've got volunteer holly growing all over in the shady woods here.

You could take your changes with Wooly Agelids and try Canadian Hemlock or go try and find a Japanese Hemlock.

Native Rhododenron Maximus would be my choice and I have a similar need. We both will need to amend the soil, however!

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terryr(z5a IL)

Welcome to GW javajo! Personally I feel if you stick with plants that don't mind clay soil, you'd be better off. Do a search for shrubs that like clay soils, you'd be surprised what all comes up. You can start at the link below and then search the plants that come up on whether they mind clay soils or not.

Here is a link that might be useful: University of Conneticut Plant site

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Thanks to all that replied!

Just a note of clarification.
Waplummer - My backyard is heavily wooded - hence the deep shade.

Will any of the suggested plants work in deep shade?

Also - I have a couple of dead trees that need to be taken down. I would like to replant new trees to keep up the nice woodsy feel my backyard offers. I've heard of new hybrid trees that grow 15' per year! Any one know what these are called and if they would grow in an already established wooded lot?

Thanks again!

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One of my favorite deep shade shrubs...Kerria, Japanese Rose. Loves poor soil and shade. It's bright green stems are evergreen. Size can get to 7' x 8' high and it's flowers are something else in either a deep yellow double form or lemon yellow single. It's a fast growing shrub and needs room.....I use them to screen out our Mosquito Magnet and to drape over our long rock wall....truly a stunning plant with the bright gold in deep shade!

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Forgot the link.....and it's big show is in April or May but most of mine keep reblooming to some degree throughout the summmer. If it's in any sun, it should be morning sun as the flowers fade/white out a bit in afternoon sun. Water it when you plant it and forget about it after that...who could ask for more, lol?

Here is a link that might be useful: Kerria

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