When to move rhubarb and bearded iris

gunnysax(Zone 5 ~ SE Wi)April 8, 2006

Should I do it now or later?
Thanks, Judy

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Hi Judy,

To be on the safe side I would wait a couple more days until it warms up again overnight and then I think the irises will do fine.

Do you have a deadline or are you just anxious to be gardening? :) I'm not real familiar with transplanting rhubarb. What is the ground temperature? If you leave plenty of dirt on the roots I wouldn't think it would be too much of a shock.

If the weather gets cold again you could make a greenhouse over each plant _making sure there is good air circulation during the day and be careful not to overwater.

Anyone else?

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gunnysax(Zone 5 ~ SE Wi)

No deadline on the rhubard, it's not a real old plant. Just got the plant last year. It is in a raised bed and the dirt is not frozen. Thinking it might get to big for this small bed, I was wanting to move it into another bigger bed. As for the iris, it got so big that it is crowding another plant, a lily.
Thanks for the reply. Judy ~ Kenosha

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It wouldn't hurt to dig up the iris, clean them up and let them set out for a few days _make sure not to let them freeze if the weather changes.

You can move iris almost any time but if you do it now they probably won't bloom this year _at least not much. On the other hand if you wait until fall the rhizomes will have gotten more nutrients. BUT that would probably still mean a poor flower show next spring. It takes a year for them to get established.

I like to do things when the spirit moves me so I would probably move them now. You can fill with annuals for this year and toss tall snapdragon seeds which will give you color in late summer _they will reseed and are a good mix for the iris next year after they are done blooming. I also like to grow flanders poppies and pansies amidst the iris.

I had frost again this morning. Everything is growing like crazy. Can't help but be anxious to get started.

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