flowering fern

kersh956March 9, 2012

hi, i just received bareroot flowering fern plants. i planted them with the stem side up. they have little bulbettes and i buried them . is this right. they did not come with planting instructions thanks

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I saw your question on the mosses and ferns forum. I googled flowering fern and it is probably incarvillea, which I have never seen called a flowering fern before in 60 years of gardening. But here's a link, and if you google incarvillea you will get all kinds of planting instructions.

It has always in the past been known as hardy gloxinia. Ha. Marketing.


Here is a link that might be useful: Flowering fern

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Just as a technical note: by definition, ferns do not have flowers. Ferns have been around far longer than flowering plants, and they make spores without any flower. The spores often form on the undersides of their fronds, sometimes on a separate fruiting body.

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