pondwelr(z5 WI)April 11, 2009

I suspect that I've asked this before, and still haven't done the deed. Q. Should I divide bleeding heart as soon as the little ferny leaves poke out? Same with Hosta?

I have daffies that come up under the overgrown branches of a juniper. Can I move them now, just as they are 4/5 inches tall?

Am loving this weather! Loving the early morning light and later evening sunsets.

Yea Spring! Pondy

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For most perennials, if it blooms in the spring, divide in the fall; if it blooms in the fall, divide in the spring.

That said, bleeding hearts (and hostas) can be divided most any time. If you do divide your bleeding hearts now, know that they might not bloom this year. Be sure you get as much soil as possible with the roots. I try to dig the whole plant up, tease apart the roots, then transplant. (Unlike hostas, where I just push a shovel into the middle of the plant and yank out a portion).

Doncha love playing in the dirt this time of year!

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