Please help ID these trees

butterfly4uMarch 30, 2009

Is this highbush blueberry?

And what is this, it has little flowers on it

Thanks everyone, I think I figured the picture thing out.

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A - where are you located?
B - are these 3 different plants?
C- could you do more of a close up the leaf in the first picture?

The bark on the second pictures looks like it could be blueberry, but would like to see the leaves, stems or other parts of the plant.
The last one looks like it could be sassafras.

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THanks for your reply.
THe first two pics are the same tree but in different light.
It is tall, I will try to get a nice close up of the leaves.
The leaves were a beautiful pink in the fall.
The last pic is a real tall lanky looking tree.
I think it is young, they are everywhere.
I am in Aiken county, SC, 15 miles north of Augusta,
I will take pic of leaf within the next couple of days when it isn't raining.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

The first has bark and branching like that of a crabapple. After it is more advanced show the flowers. Then it will be easy to tell what it is.

Highbush blueberry is quite different in structure.

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Pic of leaves on the bush I thought was blueberry

another pic of the bush itself, same possible blueberry

pic of leaves of the tall lanky tree

sorry the pics aren't clearer

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terryt9(z6 central Tn.)

the last pic is a sassafrass tree.

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Thanks Terry,
Should I get rid of them or keep them?
There is a big old crabapple blooming up a storm on the side of my house right now, it smells wonderful!
I think every bee in the neighborhood is on it.
I will wait til the mystery tree in the back of my house woods blooms, then I will post a pic.
THanks all for your replys.

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terrene(5b MA)

I would keep them, if you can accomodate their spreading nature. Sassafras albidum is a wonderful native tree. The leaves are interesting mitten shapes, twigs smell good, branches grow in an ornamental windy way. They have good fall color. It is also a host plant for the Spicebush Swallowtail butterly.

It spreads by suckers, sending them out here and there to make baby trees, which are still connected to the parent tree. So it is ideal for a open woodland where you can let a little grove grow. I would prune your trees to clear out dead or crossing branches, overgrowth, and shape a bit.

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terryt9(z6 central Tn.)

I would definitely save the sassafrass for all the reasons that terrene gave!

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