tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)June 17, 2013

I know tomatillos need two plants in the area to cross pollinate and set fruit. So, I bought two plants and planted them next to each other. They've been flowering, and the tomatoes next to them flower and set fruit and produce fruit!, but they're not setting fruit. Do the tomatillos just need more heat or less water or what????

Basically, do I keep them in when I pull out the tomatoes (they didn't do too well last year when I kept them through the summer, so I'm going to replace them in August) or do they come out at the same time?

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I tried growing them last summer for the first time. I wasn't successful, but my recollection is that what little fruit I had occurred after the tomatoes.

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veganruthie(Hill Country 8)

I grew tomatillos in 2012 with only 1 plant. I had 8 tomato plants, though. I kept them through summer and pulled them up when I was eventually sick of tomatillos and wanted to rest the bed.

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cygnwulf(7b DFW)

I haven't grown tomatillos, but I have grown Ground Cherries, which I understand are very similiar. I found that they self pollenated fairly well, the flowers are small and underneath the leaves, facing straight down toward the ground. I just gave them a good shake every few days to shake the pollen loose and they set fruit all summer long.

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PKponder TX(7b)

How do you prepare the ground cherries? I have a bed full of them and want to try salsa verde. I ate one last year plain and in the garden, nice crisp taste.

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