New banana plant

blackwillow87June 21, 2012

On Monday I bought a banana plant from Home Depot. I'm not sure which cultivar it is, but it reminds me of Ice Cream (Blue Java) banana. I planted it today, and it seems to be doing alright, no signs of sunburn but the leaves did fold down during the afternoon. Its planted on the southwest side of my house. I'm hoping it survives this summer. I added plenty of organic matter and mulch. I've grown bananas before but I always seem to kill them.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Banana trees give such a wonderful tropical look to the garden. That's a beautiful cultivar and it looks great where it is with all that good mulch. Just be sure to water it deeply during the summer while it's getting established.

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I do love banana trees but I always seem to kill them lol. Unfortunately most of the leaves are sunburned. I checked the soil and its still moist, so I guess the sun has been too intense for it. I'm hoping it will produce new leaves that are more adapted to the sun. I would hate for this one to die too.

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Now I don't feel too bad for I too cannot keep a banana tre alive! I have a friend that keeps encouraging me to keep trying but for some reason they rot and die on me, will be getting new pups this week and will plant in semishaded area just to see if this time around I can get lucky enough to keep them growing.

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lou_texas(8a N Central TX)

Some varieties I've tried did not do well in full sun. I wish I'd learned this before I cooked them so I could have planted them in dappled shade. Now I just have the common variety that loves full sun and never fails to come back and multiply. I can't remember the names of the varieties that did not like full sun - it's been too many years, but I think there's a variety for just about any Texas location except heavy shade. Now that my trees are bigger, I may try again with a couple of the ones that have the gorgeous colored leaves.

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Hi Lou. My new banana plant put out leaves that haven't developed any sunburned spots. Only 1 leaf got crispy and it was one of the older leaves. Since I've had it, its put out 2 new leaves and so far no signs of sunburn. I'm keeping the soil moist and I mist very early in the morning. I guess that seems to help some. With this current banana, I made a raised bed of compost and mulched really well. I think with my previous bananas that failed, the clay soil cracked the roots, even though I added plenty of composted manure. I've had basjoo, Orinoco, Little Prince, Super Dwarf Cavendish, and Rojo which had green and red leaves. Now I know the Rojo variety needed more shade. I guess its a learning process,sadly I had to lose several banana plants to learn lol.

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Hi blackwillow, where did you get the Orinoco banana from? I have been looking for it but have no luck so far? Thanks!

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Hi Shawna, I got my Orinoco banana from Home Depot 3 years ago. Unfortunately I didn't see them last year or this year.

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Wow I did not know Home Depot had it 3 yrs ago. I tried last weekend at HD and Lowe's all they got are the Chinese Yellow banana and the purple/red leave kind of banana.
I want to grow banana which actually produce edible fruits like Orinoco, the fruit is firm yet tender, good for fried banana.
What happened with your Orinoco? Was it the heat that killed it?
I have Super dwarf Cavendish that grow in pot so far they are doing pretty good with new leaves coming in weeks. If its reach above 90F I move them in to the sun room.

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I wish HD had them this year. I've only found the Cavendish, Rojo, and Rajapuri bananas. I got a basjoo a couple of years ago, but the basjoo fried in the Texas heat. I've read that basjoo likes more temperate climates. I wish I could find California Gold, which is one of the most cold hardy edible varieties. Someone here in Plano found one at the local Costco. I had my Orinoco for 2 years, it survived a friends unheated garage without losing any of the pstem. The next winter I tried to overwinter it in my house but the whole plant collapsed. I think it was a combination of dry air and less sunlight. I was so upset. With my current banana plant, I have to put an umbrella over it in the afternoon so the leaves don't get fried. Its done very well and the pstem is very thick. I had SDC a few years ago, but it died in the drought lol. Next year I want to plant several bananas by my front porch. Hopefully the is current banana will produce pups.

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