Green Beans

candespectabilisJune 17, 2013

Anyone else experiencing low production? Last year I had great success but didn't plant enough. This Spring I planted a lot and production is pathetic.

I'm in the San Antonio area and we've had odd weather called rain... go figure. High humidity seems to be a problem for my garden.

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Mine haven't been producing well either, and I have no idea why. My pole beans have been blooming like crazy, but none of the flowers are setting.

The bush beans put up one decent round, but their second round has been pathetic. Really, I'm most disappointed in the poles, though. I think I've picked about 5 beans from my 20 plants so far...

My yard long beans look like they're ready to put up a good show, though...

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Exactly what's going on with mine. Quite disappointing. may be it's the weather.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Did you plant it before the last cold weather? I got mine in late and they had barely pushed out of the ground. I covered them with a frost cloth and straw mulch. Maybe , if yours were bigger and uncovered, it was that cold weather. Mine are just starting to produce and they are doing very well. I have Rattlesnake bean, Yard long and bush provider. The cream peas and Panamanian red beans were planted later. I have had beans tree nights in a row in different ways. YUM.

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Mine are doing pretty well this year. More than the two of us can eat. I planted filet beans which are bush beans. Sorry I can't remember off the top of my head when I put them in.


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Mine were definitely planted after the last cold weather. They're huge plants, and, like I said, blooming everywhere. Just no beans. I would say maybe a pollinator problem, but I thought beans were supposed to be self-pollinating?

The yard longs are doing well, like I said... Funny, because I thought they were supposed to take longer to bloom than the regular pole beans.

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luvs2plant (zone 9TX)(z9 TX)

It seems like a lot of people are having trouble w/ snaps this year, all around the country. Big problem has been poor/no germination & most attribute it to abnormal cool/wet spring weather. Beans are self-pollinators, so I'd think the weather might be the culprit.

We had a good crop (Blue Lake) this year (upper coast), after a couple of very poor years. I canned 3 cases & put 3 gallons snapped into the freezer, gave away close to a bushel.....from roughly ten 20' rows of plants. Started heading into dry conditions last month and plants began to decline so we let a couple rows go to seed and mowed the rest.

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