Wish us luck...preserving undergrowth.

Annie DeighnaughApril 27, 2013

We live in so. new england and live on wooded acreage....or what was once dense wood...so dense you couldn't see neighboring homes or buildings. Alas no more, thank you deer.

So on Monday we are going to install a rectangle of deer fencing in the woods...maybe 100' x 400'....in the hopes that some underbrush might survive once again, if there is enough natural undergrowth to spawn more. I mean it has gotten really scary how little there is in our woods any more.

When I was growing up, you couldn't walk the woods unless you had a path to follow....now you can walk anywhere. There are areas where I never knew what the terrain was like as you couldn't see into the woods that far...now, no problem.

Several years ago, we were in a state forest in PA where they put up a circle of tall page fencing in the woods to keep the deer out and the density of the area was unbelievable!

So we'll give it a try.

Anyone else tried such a thing?

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Hi Annie-

We live in the woods as well. It's a new build so I'm to sure how the deer will respond yet! Our land is between 3-4 acres...we'll see.

That said, I've seen several places around here where there are very large/high fences around their properties. I was never sure why...but I wonder if this is the reason?!

The place that I pick blueberries also has fencing....acres and acres of it....to keep out the deer.

I bet it will work!

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Annie Deighnaugh

We put the fencing in a week ago and went to see it last night. So far so good...no one (like deer) trapped inside.

I'll have to take pictures over time and see how it does. Right now, it's been so terribly dry...we won't know anything really until at least after the first good rain....

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It's wonderful that you're doing this! I didn't realize deer browse was such a problem in rural areas. I guess it makes sense. If deer nibble all the seedlings, sooner or later, there will be nothing but a bare canopy. Eventually, there will be no trees at all. The problem with deer overpopulation is there are too few natural predators. Unless you can introduce wolves on property (which you probably can't), your next best bet is dogs. Deer will run from dogs.

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If you could somehow keep dogs on your property but let them roam around and chase away the deer...

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