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ilitemApril 4, 2007

I hope someone will be able to assist me. We had several damaged branches on our pine trees so we cut them off. When we did this, we could look into our neighbors yard and it wasn't pretty. Unfortunately, I am not certain what can be planted under the pine tree canopy that will grow and yet block their yard.

One landscaper suggested that I move my plantings out from under the tree canopy, but that puts it too close to the gates to the back yard.

I would appreciate any assistance that you can give me regarding this problem. Thank you

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

It can be tough to get anything to grow thickly under a pine tree, or under any other dense tree. I think the landscaper had a good idea when he suggested moving the plantings away from the tree, but this might not be practical. If you are looking for an evergreen, dense shrub that will grow in shade, you have only a fwe choices. If you live in an area without too many deer Yew is an option. There is a native American Yew but this is hard to find in nurseries. Japanese Yew comes in many varieties, including some low growers and some taller ones. Another choice is holly. There are many hybrid hollys that are sold everywhere and will tolerate shade reasonably well. Anything you plant under a tree will grow slowly if there is dense shade and a lot of root competition from the tree. If the shade is less dense, then some other options are available such as Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) and rhododendrons. If you are looking for a deciduous shrub I'd try Maple-leaf Viburnum (Viburnum acerfolium) which is a pretty shrub that can grow in dry shade.

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