when to put onion plants in garden?

Snomam(Zone 3)April 26, 2007

I bought a flat of Kelsae onion plants and can't find out when it's safe to put them in the garden. We'll still get some light frosts for a few weeks. If I should wait awhile I'll probably need to repot them since they're rootbound. Anybody have experience with them in Zone 3?

Also, do cutworms like baby onion plants?

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

Put them out now is my guess. I am zone 5, but onions are perennial here. They die back some in the winter, but I have onions that are at least 20 years old growing all over my yard, my mom stuck them all over in her flower beds. Anyway, mine have been growing for some time, it doesn't really matter if they get light frost.


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Agree with led zep. Hard to disagree with anyone who chooses a username after a stone cold awesome rock group. ;-)

Garlic I fall plant and onions I spring plant. Onions are not in the least bit frost/freeze sissies. The greenery will die back in hard, prolonged freezes, but the bulb will survive.

There are perennial onions such as the various 'walking' onions', but if you are after large bulb size with sweet or mild flavor choose 'long day' varieties (for our northern area) and plant out sets or plants in early spring and water, fert well.

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i wonted to know how to pu up onions up.

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