Warm winter temperatures

prhartApril 7, 2012

Does anyone have thoughts about the effects of elevated winter temperatures on flowering of native plants. Here in western NC we had much higher temperatures than usual during the January-March period and I have noticed that there are fewer blooms on a number of species and Trillium luteum, of which I have an exceptionally vigorous variety, simply failed to come up.(there is no sign of vole activity or any disease problems.) I realize that there can be variation from year to year but this seems unusual.

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Actually, I was thinking about that last week when I was looking at the bloodroot plants. I know plants need the cold but our warmer then normal winter had some plants really confuse. Only five of my trout lilies came up there was a lot more last year. And of that only one bloomed but I got a bloom.

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I am located in the NC Piedmont, and I thought the blooms were the best ever, even if a week or so earlier than usual. I had some plants come up that I had not seen in years! (We finally had some rain the last two summers, but August was very hot and dry.)

I noticed that a sarvis berry is just now beginning to show leaf growth; the silverbell next to it has already flowered and leafed out. Maybe it is confusion in the plant world?

Voles can destroy so much. I had a natural stand of pink lady slippers, probably 60 or so, that they took out in one season. Luckily, I still have a few left on another part of the property.

Hope your plants will return next year.

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