OBF Photos, Garage Fire Before and After

remy_gwOctober 22, 2007

Here's one of the after the fire pic that some of you may remember.

And here is now.

The irises are from Melissa/Hazelnutbunny. The pole farther away is where the rose of sharon Maryanne/Earthlydelights gave me that survived the fire and then the construction guys. The closer pole is where I planted a Sea Shell peony. Now hopefully everything lives, and there are no more mulch fires!

Here's a few other new photos.

Prairie Harvest rose.

Osteospermum. This took forever to start blooming but it sure looks nice now.

If you got any new photos, post them!


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Awwwwe Remy! Thats just beautiful blooms! Hugs girl, the Sassy is feeling better, yeah!!!!

Ohhh, big talk, baby girl will be here at 7am so gotta go, lol.


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moonphase(z7 Ga)

Remy,I do remember you telling about the fire,but never learned what really happened.All looks great now.Love the rose.I have an osteospermum just like yours and mine is looking great too.Does your come back or do you save it some how?I hate to think mine will be lost with our first frost.

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wynative(z5 WY)

Remy ~ Your Osteospermum if beautiful!! I don't think I have ever seen one... Need to get one :)

Your 'replanting' looks great!


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Remy way to come back !!! looks beautiful. you had construction workers ? why didn't you share ? bad girl, any photos ? hugs carol

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Lol Carol! Sorry, I was not there when they came, so no photos: (

Thanks. I'm glad you are feeling better! Try to not do too much and stay healthy.

I wintersowed the seeds for the osteospermum from a trade last winter. It is blooming pretty late, and I'm worried about seeds. They are in a big pot so though it would be a pain, I may bring the pot in and out until I get some seeds. I don't think I can overwinter inside, hmmm...maybe I'll google that!

Thanks! It took me awhile to find seeds in trade. I saw them as potted plants last year in a nursery, and wanted seeds. This year I saw more of them for sale out and about, so I think next year they may be even more available.

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Hey again Rem's! So sorry, I forgot to tell you your garage looks great too! Construction workers? I'm like Carol, I want someofit! LOL

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