Morning glories and Portulaca from seed

kimcocoApril 8, 2011

Has anyone in WI tried these from seed and been successful? I've sowed them inside for now, hopefully I'll have luck with these. I've tried seeds once before, and failed miserably.

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I've never tried portulaca from seed, but my morning glories often self seed. For new varieties of MG, I don't start them in the house, but scatter them when the ground warms up.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

I've done portulaca a few times, but its been a while. Seems to me I had to start them early March to have them ready for hardening off in May.


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This time, I soaked the seeds overnight. I had one of those Jiffy greenhouse starter trays that you get from Walmart, and started them in there.

So, once they sprout, I put them under a plant light, correct? For how many hours? And, don't overwater, but don't let dry out completely.

And then, I harden them off by placing outside - away from direct sunlight for a couple days??? And then move them to direct sunlight? After the risk of frost has passed, which in my area is usually June 1st. Am I missing anything?

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

My fluorescent lights are on about 15 hours a day and held 3-4 inches above the plants. The hardening off process you list is about right. I keep giving them a little more direct light every 3-4 days. Watch out for wind as well as that is as bad as direct light at first.


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Thanks. I soaked them overnight, and the morning glories are already sprouting. I'm still waiting for the portulaca to sprout. Once they've all sprouted, according to the greenhouse directions, then I put them under a plant light. For now, I have them out of direct sunlight.

I think the last time I tried this, I had them in my basement and overwatered - they got mildew and didn't survive.

This time, I have them in a warmer, drier area, so hopefully they'll keep growing strong.

I've planted morning glories for the last 2-3 years (I usually purchase from local store), and they've never self seeded for me.

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