Topsy-Turvy anyone?

milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)May 26, 2009

OKay...bought four of these to try as I think they're a 'hoot'! Anyone else trying these this year or have in the past? Let's see how they do...:)

The plants I chose:

Bloody Butcher

Black Cherry


Giant Valentine



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I grew several black cherry toms last year in large pots. Very prolific and tasty all by themselves or in a nice heirloom tomato salad. I am growing them again this year.


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From what I've heard from friends is not positive and the reviews on amazon are even worse. However, the idea of growing tomatoes in a pot on the patio does sound like an easy alternative to gardening.

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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

Thanks for the replies. I work in a garden center and NEEDED to try it, if only once....can't recommend something I haven't tried myself...LOL We'll wait and see what happens.

Like most gardeners, I have to remain an optimist...:)


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I tried this idea with a large black pot many years ago. I cut the center hole a little larger, then planted my tomato plant hanging out the bottom. Sat the pot on a pail in order to work on adding the ground. First I put lots of leaf mulch around the plant before adding ground by the roots. The mulch helped hold the plant in place before it got well rooted. I put a wire pot hanger on the upper edge of the pot and hung it from my washline post. The plant grew nicely, but tended to turn upward as it grew. It didn't just hang straight down as the Topsy Turvy plants seem to do. I had to tie each branch for support. Otherwise the plant grew just fine and I had tomatoes earlier from this plant than the ones in the garden. I haven't tried planting this way in the last years, because the trees on the yard have grown so large, they shade the washline pole and I have no place to hang the pot in the sun.

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

I thought about trying this method too, but decided it was just too goofy for words. So much easier to plant in a big
foam pot, (that looks like ceramic), and set it on a wheeled tray. Just a push with the foot moved it from shade to sun. I did that last year with great results.
This year, my daughter planted 'maters all over my various beds. I expect a prolific harvest.
Two neices got the Topsy-Turvy for moms day, so I will keep in touch to see how they grow.

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I'm trying one this year with a cherry tomato. It is growing up and in an actual topsy turvey, so I don't think it's just your setup, Rachel. I had heard from several online friends and one co-worker that they've used it with great success in the past. Mine's looking well even in this cool weather, but we'll see how it goes :)

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I started one a week ago in a regular hanging plastic pot, with a large hole drilled in the bottom. So far the poor thing just wants to turn around to grow upright! I feel bad, like I'm making it seasick. :)

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

sound like an easy alternative to gardening it IS gardening
Works fine for smaller stumpy short varieties for larger ones the
Problem is plant grows toward sun and when large and heavy enough falls downward and twists the stem .Maybe if a person could weigh down the stem while young it may work. Growing upright seems to work better and less problems

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I couldn't stand looking at the TV commercials any longer so I went to Home Depot and bought one. Planted a fairly large Better Boy on 5/8.
Large amount of growth, many green tomatoes.
Some growth turns up but most is down.
The only problem is the need to water twice a day.
Next spring, I'll try cherry tomatoes in it.


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