No float cypress mulch?

marti8aJune 16, 2007


This is my patio after 2.5 inches today. On the left side covered with floating mulch are the concrete stepping stones to the garage.

And remember that raised stone path we built to the deck?

It's under water too.

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scuba-gal(8a ~ Keller)

well...maybe it will soak in overnight. It happens to me here much in one bed I had to remove 24 daylilys and relocate them to higher ground. Your yard sure does look pretty though! I love that stone path.

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Thanks angie. I hope it will soak in overnight too. But it's raining again right now. *sigh*

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I don't have a solution for you, but I'm dying to know what those purple plants are.

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Abilene, the purple plants by the edge of the deck are Purple Heart (like Wandering Jew). They're not completely happy right there by August, too much sun for them I think, but with water they make it through.

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I wish we had that much rain! We just had rain but I'm having to water some beds already.

I have Purple Heart in 2 flowerbeds. The partial shade planting is the happiest over the deep shade group. I put the small plant I bought 3 years ago in full sun but it was not happy...finally figured out it did not want as much sun. I love the way it looks with some sun on it...the plant lights up with a purple glow.

I'm 60 miles south of Abilene; darn Armadillos dig mine up looking for grubs. I stick the broken pieces in the ground, they root and start a new plant. Great color and the little pink flowers are sweet.

The partial sun bed is full of these and other members of the Tradescantia family...several colors of spiderworts and some yellow mums which look smashing with the Purple Heart.


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We use the cypress mulch too, but I guess it doesn't float away because the beds are raised. I love the smell of it and it works so well for us. I remember using pine bark mulch when we lived in Beaumont that floated down the street. Ha ha

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