Help! the webworms are eating everything!

dallasguyJune 25, 2007

I am having a huge problem with webworms. They are in my neighbors' trees and are falling into my yard. They seem to have a great appetite for my purple hyacinth bean vine, persian lilac (there were at least a 100 on this shrub this morning) and my roses. I would prefer not to have to spray any harmful chemicals. Is there anything I can spray that would make these plants less tasty? For example, garlic oil/pepper ect? If I use BT on the plants do I need to spray it again after it rains? Any help would be appreciated!

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scuba-gal(8a ~ Keller)

BT has to be resprayed after each rain - you can use the most natural control which is through the release of trichogramma wasps, which will parasitize the moth eggs so the worms never hatch....My mom is trying those and ripping open the nests for birds to eat.
Best of Luck - they are a pain!

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Thanks for your reply Angie. I did poke holes in the webs I could reach hoping that the birds or wasps would get them. Most of the webs are in a very established pecan tree that I can't reach. Do you know a source for the trichogamma wasps?

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Are you in Dallas? If so, Redenta's at Skillman and Oram in east Dallas carries them.

If you feel like dealing with an insane person, Greg Rohde in Garland probably has them, too.

I wasn't quick enough with the camera today, but I tried get a picture of a stink bug hauling a web worm caterpillar off. I wonder what else likes to eat them. Our chickens won't touch them, unfortunately. They ate all of our grapes, but they don't seem to have done too much damage in the gardens so far. I've only pulled a few off some squash vines.

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Great, thanks for the info. I haven't been to Redenta's. I usually go to Calloways or North Haven.

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North Haven probably has them, but you might have to order them.

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We had some recently and after poking a hole in them, sprayed them with an orange oil/soap mixture. Worked like a charm!


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scuba-gal(8a ~ Keller)

The place I got the trichogamma wasps for my mom was Green Mama's on David Blvd - in Hurst - right off 183/820 split.
The are all organic and told me they work great - so I picked some up to help mom - she's been fighting them too.

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lovek9(8 Austin)

Anyone know a good source for the Trichogamma wasps in Austin? Is it okay to release them during all this rain we are having? My tall Pecan tree has a huge nest waaaaaaaay up near the top.

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It didn't bother at me first, I thought the birds would take care of it. But they start attacking the roses and hydrangea I panicked. Went to Bruce Miller, got me a BT (they were selling like hotcakes) and have to come back for a second bottle. They were already crawling in front of our house, if you stay under the tree they rain on you. My husband has been checking them constantly, seems to work. We'll probably have another treatment in 7 seven days.

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scuba-gal(8a ~ Keller)


11726 Manchaca Rd Austin, TX 78748
Call 512-280-1192

2730 S. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704-6422
Call: 512- 448-2992

8648 Old Bee Caves Road Austin TX 78753
Call 512-288-6113

LADY BUG BRAND Natural plant food
8648 Old Bee Cave Rd Austin, TX
Call 512-288-9740

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I called North Haven Gardens and they told me they just got a shippment of Trichogamma wasps in. I bought some BT at Lowes, hopefully it will stop raining so I can apply it!

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Hey Dallasguy... you may have your problem solved by now. If not and your webworm problem is still terrible I would call a professional tree company and solve the problem systemically. I have a locust tree well over 2 stories high that had webworms. I called a tree company and the guy came out and put in mirco-injections called Mauget to treat the webworms. They were about 8 bucks each and he ended up using ten of them, so all and all I spent about 80 bucks for this. It is well worth it. The micro-injections stayed in a couple of hours while their contents were sucked up in to the tree. You need to be at home for this and while they are in as you don't want kids touching them and pulling them out as they are toxic. At the time this was done,the worms were just starting to fall out of the tree... he said some worms may be back next year from the ones that already fell and went in to the ground. Hope this helps.

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I was watching a gardening show the other day and they said BT is only effective in controlling your caterpillars and you need to use pyrethrum to kill the adults. Don't know if its true but thought I would pass it along.

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I wouldn't hire someone to get up there unless you're in danger of losing stuff (like a tree) that would be more costly to replace than the price of the hire. Webworms are, fortunately, pretty temporary and usually can't do enough damage to kill big stuff. I really thought my neighbor was going to lose her redbud - it was all I could do to stop from going over and spraying the tree myself. But it seems to be coming back, and so is my sweetgum, which suffered much this year.

I wish there were a way to release a bunch of cool spiders, like the big orb garden spiders!

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check this webworm infestation out...

this tree is covered 100%...


This appeared to happen in one day. I went to work in the morning and came home to this!


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Wow - Happy Halloween! There was a gal on Fox 4 in Dallas tonight whose green car was completely wrapped by the web worms. Crazy!

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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

White wing doves and black birds have been walking around in the grass under my pecan tree ... eating fallen web worms.

Infestation in my two pecan trees has been very light this year.

All the pecan trees in the neighborhood have been losing huge branches to the weight of excess foliage and pecans from the heavy rain this year up to the end of July.

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The pecans here in Lampasas are pitiful, between web worms and weight of pecans, they look awful. I wonder if owners can even get the trees to come back again.

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