nel.nucifera(8a)April 27, 2012

Does anyone have any tried and true methods for getting rid of ticks? Or at the very least... keeping them the heck away from you?


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lycopus(z5 NY)

DEET works. You would need to apply it to any part of you likely to come into contact with vegetation, as that is how they first hop on. You can sometimes spot them on the edge of a leaf or blade of grass with their legs in the air waiting to hitch a ride. Even then it is best to check for them after spending time outdoors.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It's not recommended that you spray DEET products directly on your skin, but on your clothes.

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Using a cotton ball with cheap fingernail polish applied to the tick for a while, then rubbing in alternate directions, is a good way to get them out without worrying about leaving the head, as you sometimes do with tweezers.

Someone else told me about using a thick body lotion on the cotton ball, but I haven't tried that. Both seem to smother the tick and cause them to release.

This year I have had problems with very small, smaller than a pin head, ticks that you cannot even see if you do a "tick check" before your shower. Subsequent itching tipped me off to their presence.

And yes, I do spray before working outside.

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One year, I had to apply a pesticide to the property because the ticks were so bad that the kids would come in covered with them when they were on the manicured lawn! A single application did the trick, and it never got so bad again.

If you wear long pants and tuck your pantslegs into your socks, they have a much harder time reaching something to eat if most of them are coming from the ground.

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PS: I tried the lotion on a cotton ball technique, and it worked...had small "seed" ticks yesterday, and they came off easily.

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Not sure if this helps but I spray a pr of paint coveralls (if you're careful a "disposable" pr can last a long time) w/permethrin intended for clothing and it takes care of ticks very well. The coveralls I use are Dupont brand and they are hooded w/booties attached!

I was told not to use anything on a tick to make it detach because it makes the tick regurgitate and possibly spreads viruses...on the other hand I am personally not very good w/tweezers as something is always left behind....not sure which is worse?

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We have had lots of ticks and I got Lyme disease several years ago! I knew we had to do something but I wanted something natural. Well I bought 5 guinea fowl. They love ticks and other bugs in the garden and grass. Since I am a big gardener I was always picking up ticks. NO MORE! This year we have seen only 4 ticks. The neighbors who allow the guineas to help groom their yards as well have very few to none. Everyone else on our road are being overrun! Up to twenty a day! The birds are loud and silly. But are also like watchdogs. whey will announce when some one is approaching the house. I live on three wooded acres and I am very pleased. They do not eat flowers or vegetables either, just the bugs! and the fertilizer is free!

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Not counting all the ticks I found on my dog, in one week I found 3 on ME! I had wanted to be chemical-free in my yard and hadn't sprayed for weeds for a couple of years. I called a company out and paid to have flea-and-tick spray as well. I haven't seen any ticks since then and I'm hoping they don't come back.

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Article in today's local paper re ticks...said use tweezers. The ones this year are so small no tweezers could work! I do spray with a Deet based product. This year has already been the worst since this "batch" is so small I cannot see them, I only feel the itch they cause and then find them. Yuck!

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If you mean removing them from your yard, check out Tick Tubes. I put them out last year and this year the tick sightings have been way, way down. I bought them again to put out this year too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tick Tubes

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Thankyou for your replies.

Yes, I meant getting them out of your yard. Or at the very least keep them from getting on you.

Thanks so much for all the input! I like the guinea idea! Wonder if that would be doable in my area.

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