A source for jack-in-the-pulpit?

mollyjenning(z6CT)April 2, 2005

None of the nurseries around my neighborhood carry these---I looked at the Dave's garden site and was astounded at the shipping costs at many of the companies....Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks, Molly Z6B

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loris(Z6 NJ)

I've ordered other plants from this nursery, and thought I got good value. They say they propagate all the plants they sell which I think is an important factor when buying natives

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant list from Toadshade Wildflower Farm

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Bloomingthings(Z4 WI)

Prairie Moon has Jack in the Pulpit. I think that their price and their shipping is reasonable. I have purchased from them for years and have always been satisfied.

Here is a link that might be useful: Prairie Moon

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fusty_overalls(z6 PA)

Molly - do you ever visit the plant exchange forum? i frequently get really great trades (you send someone a plant, they send you one...no expense except the postage). i'll probably have some jack-in-the-pulpits for trade later this spring (i had nifty seeds on lots of mine this past fall) if you want to work out a trade. you can either post there on the exchange forum or email me directly.


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ahughes798(z5 IL)

I may have some JITP corms I could send you, too. They aren't up yet...so I don't know where they are. Contact me in a few weeks. April

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Thank you all for your suggestions! I have learned so much from this forum! I would like to exchange plants, but I have never sent plants in the mail and have no idea how to prepare them. The only mail order source I have ever used so far is Bluestone, and I know how they ship their plants, but they are quite small.

Does anyone know how to ship plants? Many thanks, Molly

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

for JITP .the ones I sent my sis,I did mudballs on the roots& wrapped the mudballs in newspaper that was wet and wraped in dry newsprint like a bouqut cover& placed in plastic bag.I sent hers in fall.I kinda stumbled on them in woods& being no flower,but seeing seeds dug and brought home,she couldn't tell for sure from the picture,so I sent her 5 good sized ones and a mass of seedlings.I had trouble finding the spot this year as some loggers came through and really trashed the place.I was just there yesterday getting some for the yard,the ones I brought home are up now.ones a large one and the others are smaller and are a few seedlings.I also seen the spot where I dug some out and crammed seeds that fell off..all sprouted into mini JITP.

If you pay shipping.I can send you a box full.They have a new flat rate priority box$7 something.I moved some home yesterday and to a neighbors& was going to relocate them as know when loggers are finished will burn that section of woods before re planting(will then look like metor feild blast zone)

I'm curious if anyone knows....how long does plant grow before it forms that fleshy crom thing and sends out runners?I noticed the larger ones have a runner.I have actually 3 with the crom things the rest are rooty mostly then is the seedlings.

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Molly, I've got many Jack and other native plants for really great price last week.
e-mail me if you are still interested.

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I just sent you can email!

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