cag1963(N Tx)April 22, 2006

I'm not sure if this is the best location for this post, but could not find a forum that seem to address cyclamen. Since they grow in the forest, I thought "Woodland".

I have 4 cyclamen that were looking good. Three of them still have healthy flowers. Almost the entire set of leaves on each of them are turning yellow. I think I have had them about 2 months and have watered them either 1 or 2 times. I have heard both ways that they should be watered regularly and that they should be forgotten and left to dry out before watering. Which is correct?

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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If you have hardy cyclamen aka CYCLAMEN hederifolium then it is time for them to start going dormant for the summer, when it gets hot. They should reemerge in the fall when things cool down.

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cag1963(N Tx)

Even with them inside in the air conditioning away from heat of maximum sunlight?

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Yes, hardy cyclamen often goes dormant even inside since room temperatures are warm for hardy cyclamen. On the other hand, if you have a florists cyclamen (indoor plant in most of North America) it should not go dormant and the leaves should stay green if its conditions are met (also not too hot, no direct sun, moist but not wet).

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tinylady(07 NJ)

I had bought a cycalmen in a pot last spring. I put it in my back yard under the trees. It did so well and bloomed so pretty all summer.Then I put it in the garage over the winter and I thought it dies so I threw it out. Are they a plant that comes back? Do I have to bring it in when the temps drop?Can I plant it in the ground? I love them, they are so pretty, but I am new to them. Help!.

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cag1963(N Tx)

Don't really know, but I assume it is a hardy (bought it from Lowes). They were discounted because they weren't in TOP shape, but I thought they were doing great. They have looked really healthy until the leaves started going yellow almost instantly overnight, all at one time. Like I said they have bunches of blooms on them. How do I know if it is or isn't? Is there some way for me to figure out if they are getting the right amount of water? From a cyclamen website I was under the impression that they like to be on the dry side and somewhat shady. Would they go dormant when still in bloom?

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Go to google or yahoo and search for an image of hardy cyclamen and see if the image matches what you have. My hardy cyclamen leaves have a darker center and are very low to the ground almost crawling along the ground. The flowers are long gone as they typically come out in the fall up here in zone 6 PA. My cyclamen are on the west side of my house and get mostly afternoon sun and are on the dryer side but definitely not bone dry.

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