Yew got advice for me?

learningasigoMay 7, 2007

I'm looking for advice on upright yews. We planted 6 of them late last fall. Other than watering them good after initial planting and mulching them we didn't do anything. We've resumed watering them this spring but I noticed they each have some degree of leaf discoloration, yellowish or rusty in color. Is this normal after winter? Are they dying? Should I be doing something - fertilizing perhaps? Could the discoloration be caused by too little or too much water? They are buffered from wind by our neighbors garage so I know that isn't the cause. A friend suggested muriatic acid. That doesn't sound right to me. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Jennie

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Having just planted them last fall, a little yellowing can be expected. I may have watered a bit more last fall just to get them settled in. Don't fertilize or try to acidify the soil unless a soil test calls for it. Nitrogen is for top growth, your plants need root growth. As long as there are new shoots forming, they should be ok. As for watering now, stick your finger in the soil and feel for moisture and water if dry.


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Thanks, that's just what I wanted to hear.

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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

Don't be too quick to fertilize. It really only helps a healthy plant. I agree with tsugajunkie...give it a chance to settle in first.:)


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