Can any one identify this flower?

Wisterialove(Zone 8)April 27, 2013

We've been slowly reclaiming a lot of overgrown yard space and in the newly clean spaces i discovered these growing? does anyone know what they are? they seem to like the semi-shade of the tree line, i haven't seen them farther than that. we have kids so i want to know if they are safe and i'd like to move them to a more protected spot if i can so our continued clean up won't kill them off. thanks in advance.


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I'm pretty sure that's bull nettle. They are super invasive around where I live. Your photo matches the ones I see and the ones on google images. If you have children, you should eradicate that plant. Because all those hairs on the stem will sting and it's very uncomfortable. I remember running barefoot into a patch of those as a kid ... Definitely a memory that stuck.
Pretty to look at but hurts to touch.

Here is a link that might be useful: BullNettle/Wikipedia

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Thanks for solving the mystery, I was walking on a trail a few days ago and saw a mound of these plants, they didn't appear to have hairs on them, got to check them out again

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