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acernut138April 29, 2007

this weekend i found a plant emerging in a somewhat open mature woods. its a very wet site with loads of skunk cabbage coming up. Im afraid i dont have a picture, but the shoots are about 7-10 inches tall and its leaf after leaf rolled up like a big green cigar. the leaves are creased like corrugated metal siding and i cant seem to find a flower bud hidden in it, it is NOT lily of the valley, im sure of that, thanks and sorry for the poor explination.

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False hellebore? Do a google image search in addition to one below. Ribbed nature of leaves shows better in some others.

Here is a link that might be useful: false hellebore

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How about jack in the pulpit, Arisaema triphyllum? When they are emerging they look like points coming out of the ground.

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Try looking at ferns esp fiddle head ferns. Sounds to me like you are looking at a frond? before it has fully opened.

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false hellebore it is
thanks very much

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