What's Up? (In your woods, of course)

jimbobfeeny(5a IN)April 6, 2013

Spring is finally here - 67 today, with a low of 50. Spring wildflowers have been slow this year - The buds are just opening on the cutleaf toothworts, dutchman's breeches, hepaticas, and Trillium luteum (The others are just sprouting). Virginia bluebells and celandine poppy are just coming up, and the buckeyes are sprouting.

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Hi Jimbob,

I was just outside today (Northern VA appalachians) and found LOTS of bloodroot, violets, trilliums (sessile?), bluebells, hepatica, wood anenome, rue, mayapples and though it's not technically a wildflower, I've got to include the harbinger of spring...spicebushes (Lindera benzoin) that lay a yellow blanket over everything!

Happy flowering!

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

Jim, I have violets, trilliums, bluebells, mayapple, Dutchman's breeches, trout lilly flowering in my Northshore (just outside of Asbury Park NJ) yard.

Redbuds and dogwoods are ready to pop as well. No native rhodies going off yet - it's lepidote time with a lone Rh. Taurus flowering along with Mary Fleming, and the last of Rh. Mucronulatum 'Pink Panther'.

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Hi Jim, a little behind you because we are near Lake Erie.
Spanish Bluebells leafs up,no Flowers yet,several of the Trilliums starting to open, a few Mayapples sticking their heads up.Trout Lillies leaves are up but no flowers on them either.Half of my Bloodroot Flowers were up but rain/snow knocked them off...Rest haven't opened up yet..Six or Seven types of ferns sending their fronds up. 27 Degrees this morning ,hope that doesn't knock off a lot of stuff.Wild onions or leeks popping up all over.At the bottom of the property where water usually lays Spearamint starting to rise out of the wetter areas.Some warmer days should make things start to pop..Later....Tom

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Hi Jim. Spring came a couple months ago down here in the Piney Woods of Texas. I've been yanking up clovers, vines, wildflowers, grasses, and anything else that isn't a tree or shrub. I'm seeing more Hackberry seedlings this year than I've ever seen in my life. Perhaps because it has been a little more dry than normal. I'm also glad to see some Yaupon Hollies, Loblolly Pines, and Post Oaks sprouting up.

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