Too many trees down, so sad

gardennut57April 19, 2005

I drove past the house we sold last spring, which was on a wooded lot. I was warned by a former neighbor, and was heartbroken to see how many trees they have cut down. I know it's not mine anymore, but why buy a wooded lot and then cut down over a dozen big healthy trees. All the years it takes for nature to do its work, and all the years I spent learning about woodland growth and habits, destroyed so someone can put in fake landscaping. To me that is not what gardening is about.

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what trees where they?

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

That is sad. Can't do that here. You need a permit signed by a certified arborist to take down any tree w/ trunk over 12" in diameter. Tree has to be diseased or some other very good reason for taking 'em down.

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sunrmsilly(z5 nwIL)

I don't understand why so many people want to take down perfectly good trees so they can have more grass to cut. Our friends are trying to get us to cut down some beautiful trees with such big trunks I can't get my arms all the way around. They say they are too close to my house. I can't bear to think of them gone so plan to have only some branches taken out.

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