Planting Now?

Marypei122May 14, 2012

It's such an early spring and I want to take advantage of the good weather but am nervous that I'm jumping the gun. I'm half an hour south of Milwaukee and the daytime/nighttime temps look to be in the 70s/50s.

Is anybody direct seeding any warm-weather veggies yet (cucumbers, squash, zucchini)? I'm going to keep the tomato plants inside until nighttime temps are 60 though. I probably also won't direct seed any melons until then either. But I'm considering cucumbers and squash...

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I'm just above the border and 12 miles east of Lake Geneva. Only cool weather plants in right now. Purchased some beans/eggplant plants over the past weekend and considered putting them in yesterday but I'm glad I waited. I'm trellising my cukes, cantelopes, melons, beans and eggplants on cattle fence trellis this year direct seeding them in bags of soil. I'm going to hold out till this weekend before I make the decision to plant those seeds. I also purchased my heirloom tomatoe plants this past weekend, I'm hardening them off this week and then they are going in very large containers on the decks and in the front of the house. Trying them a couple different ways this year.

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Good call -- tonight will be in the 40's. I did end up direct seeding beans a few nights ago and am just happy they aren't out of the ground yet for the cold that's coming tonight. I will wait on the cucumbers, melons, and squash though I find it hard to wait :)
I think I'm mostly anxious because I tilled up my garden already and want to get things in before the weeds take over. Don't want to till again later because I don't want to turn up too many of the worms.

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