Blueberries and cherries?

GraceNmercyApril 30, 2013

I've been doing some reforestation projects on our place in northeast TX. After listing some of the plants we're planting on a wildlife forum a guy made the comment saying NOT to plant cherries near blueberries or they wouldn't do so well.

Last fall we planted some premier blueberries on the place along a creek bed and I just recently planted some wild high bush blueberries. At some point I plan to plant some wild black cherry trees throughout the property, but after reading that post I'm having concerns of how far away to plant these trees from the berry bushes.

I know they grow in the same areas and habitat in the wild and i'm trying to create a place that produces for both wildlife and myself but we're planting on only a few acres and I don't want to make a move that will hinder the plants ability to produce. Has anyone else heard of such a thing with cherries and blueberries?

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I have never heard of that.

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i never heard that either and i was a blueberry grower for a long time. did the article you read mention why they don't do well together?

they require different soils, have different shaped flowers so have completely different pollinators, bloom and fruit at different times, etc.

this statement is suspect imo. i'd ignore it without a better reason.

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I too have the same inquiry about planting a sour cherry with blueberries. I am an urban gardener and wonder how far away to plant them from each other if they can share the same space?

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It was an individual who told me this. He cautioned me not to do it as apparently they had issues with them producing when they were living back in Mississippi. The cherries I'm considering planting are black cherries which are native to east TX and the rest of the eastern US.

I planted several large rabbit eye blueberry plants along the wood line near a creek on our place and they are loaded with berries right now which I hope will be ripe when I go back up the first week of July. Rabbit eyes, even though cultivated are native to the southeast including east Texas and they seem to love the area I planted them in. Haven't have to do any maintenance or soil prep because the soil is already acid.

I'm planning on ordering a few black cherries in the fall to plant along the creek along with more blueberries, but just wanted to see if anyone else had heard of such a thing before I actually attempt to plant the cherries.

From the sound of it he may have just had bad luck with growing these two plants together.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blueberries

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