Plant Swap San Antonio July 13

castro_gardenerJune 29, 2013

Gina has another plant swap arranged. This time it's at MacArthur Park in San Antonio July 13. this is what she said:

Old Fashioned Plant Swap - no money just eye to eye trades.
There is a pavilion and bathroom at the location. We will try and be early and get the pavilion. But just in case please bring a chair. This swap is open to the public so please invite friends and neighbors etc. Dogs on leashes are allowed. Families welcomed. Please make sure to watch your children as the club or any of the members are not responsible for any injuries. I (Gina) will try and be there about 9 am to set up. We will have a pot luck again. But could be more of brunch type foods. It will be hot and so that is why I am hoping to go early. Feel free to bring other items that are trade-able if you do not have plants. People with extra plants can always bring some for the new folks starting out.

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Hello, Everyone. Hope to see you at the plant swap. I've been doing this for almost 15 years and I love it! I have hundreds of plants that need a home. I love to propagate and just can't throw away pieces...I've always felt the need to make more! So, I'm ready to share whether you're a newbie or a long-time gardener. However...since I really don't want anymore plants (unless it's a nice daylily) I'd really like to ask for something strange in return. GRIN. I'm a garden junk junkie! Do you have old buckets ? rusty goodies ? I also need hardware, caster wheels, really, whatever you have large or small... I'm game for most anything. I like metal, stone, wood... natural elements. Plastic and resin don't last in our sun. I'm also interested in furniture. Does NOT have to be pretty. I'm talking the old stuff you have stashed in the shed, the garage, or the barn. Chairs, stools, tables, hutches, dressers... If you want some plants, and you've maybe got something to trade, please, please, please email me and maybe we can make it happen. Really, anything will be considered. Don't be shy !

For larger pieces, I'm happy to pay you if plants are not enough. I work at a little shop that might like things that I cannot take for myself. Offer anything!

Email me at Thanks, patty.

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Hi Patty,

Thanks so much for your post. I created a separate thread asking for more info about the swap and realized I should prob post here as well. We live on a ranch so we can bring a lot of that kind of garden stuff...twisted wood, axis antlers, etc. Anything specific that you are looking for? I need agaves (especially artichoke and victoriae), aloes, cacti and succulents. Do you have any of these?

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Jennifer, I replied in an email for you. I'll post the etiquette here, also:

To help newbies get a better idea of how this works, and to remind others that we like to play nice, I try to get some "rules" out there for everyone to review. They help us all have a relaxing, good time.

After nearly 15 years of hostessing and attending these swaps I've learned a lot from others. This is especially helpful to newbies who have told me often that they were confused with the way things were done at the swap. Hopefully, this will help them a little.

You may want to bring cardboard boxes to haul home your booty. You may end up taking home more than you bring, and it's not always easy to get it all back in your car. Packing in boxes will allow you to stack them and keep your plants safe.

Bring something to use for labeling the plants you receive. Old window blinds are excellent for this purpose ! They last forever and they're kept out of landfills.

On that note, please label your plants for others. It saves a lot of time at the swap. You don't have to tell everyone what each plant is, since they already have names on them.

Another helpful hint, which takes more time, but is great to have: consider putting a notebook together of your plants. Add pictures and descriptions of each plant you bring. Over time, you can add to it as you accumulate different types of plants. This also saves time at the swap. Others can view your notebook to see what a certain plant will look like.

There are usually not enough tables for everyone at the pavilion, so please consider bringing small tables to use to set your plants on.

While swapping, please do not take plants off another person's table without asking. They may be across the room promising that same plant to someone else. Please find the owner and ask permission. Everyone's different, of course, and may bid you take whatever you like. But it's good to err on the side of caution, and ask anyway. It's a good idea for all of us to put our name on our table so that everyone knows who to find when they see a plant they'd like.

Plants usually placed under the tables are not for swapping. This is where we place the plants we're taking home.

Some plants are special or rare and the swapper may want something special in return. This is understandable. On the other hand, some of us don't always need something in return. Please consider everyone's feelings while swapping.

Last but not least, have a good time. Make new friends ! I've met really great folks at the swaps and we're still swapping many years later !!


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pencil cactus
agave parryi
cissus quadrangularis
donkey ears
burro's tail
ghost plant
mother of millions
different sanseverias
agave americana
spider plants
artillery fern
pregnant onion
fruit cocktail shrimp plant
chocolate chip ajuga
grape vine (1)
clitoria blue pea vine
mexican flame vine
white hyacinth bean vine
cuban oregano plectranthus
Vick's plant plectranthus
antique roses
dwarf coreopsis
variegated vinca major
gold dust croton
cat whiskers
moses in a bot
old man's pipe
turk's cap
manfreda variegata
butterfly vine
golden rain tree
Kentucky colonel mint
red banana
love-in-a-puff vine
Louisiana iris
royal ponciana (2)
chocolate plant
ruellia (mexican petunia) 4 kinds
color guard yucca
scabiosa pincushion flower
red yucca
pink pampass grass (1)
night blooming cereus
large rubber tree
large corn plant
flame acanthus

Please please please.... I have too many plants so really don't want any in return (unless it's a cute daylily). What I would like is JUNK! I am looking for just about anything that is old, rusty, junky, and thrown into the shed/barn/back room. Small to large. Furniture hardware, casters, pails, tubs, metal stuff, iron stuff, rusty stuff. Large things, too. Tables, chairs, stools, racks. No matter what condition, ask me. If I can't give you enough plants to make it worth a big item, I could pay you something, too.

I'm open to just about anything. Don't be shy ! Email me privately if you'd like at


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Wowsa...Patty! You have a lot of the plants I am looking for. Are these all small cuttings, or are some of them larger as well? I will post a more complete list with pics later, but off the top of my head this is what I have:

- an old red wooden chippy paint stool
- a set of 4 weathered red painted oak chairs
- about eight OLD chippy paint door panel sections in various colors that were cut to make twin bed headboards...I like to use these as mounting boards for hanging wall planters.
- blackbuck, grants gazelle, and aoudad horns (exotics)
- wine crates from really fine French wines ((chau cos d'estournel, chateau pape clement, etc)
- assorted driftwood pieces.

I will list more as I think of them. If you want to see pics of specific things let me know!

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jenn_heilner are the pics. A random assortment of "gardenish" stuff. I have a whole box of the tiles pictured. Patty, these are the specific plants you have that I am interested in:

Agave parryi - I need six so as many as you have are great :-)
Mexican flame vine
Ghost plant
Antique roses
Color Guard yucca
Pampas grass

I would also love to see whatever agave and aloes you have. Please let me know if you are interested in the things I have posted...thanks again!

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Old door panels

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Blackbuck horn

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Lol turkey feathers

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A set of four red chairs

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A set of four red chairs

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Four chairs total

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Drift wood of all sizes

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horns, feathers, tiles and wine crates! Dang, I need to come to the swap and fight Patty for garden junk lol!
Patty, see you at the fall swap. No telling what I`ll dig up for ya. Gotta top the fencing mask.
Tally HO!

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Oh, those tiles are GORGEOUS!

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Thanks to all that gave us plants. We had a great time. Jenn, thanks for the green glass and the antlers. They look really great!

Can anyone identify this one for us? I don't remember who gave it to us or the name of it.

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I was not there, but its not a nandina?

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Lesli, thanks so much. I think that's it. I googled nandina and it looks just like that.

And.... thanks to whoever gave it to me. I think the cedar waxwings are going to love it!

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I am so glad you like the glass and the antlers! We had a really great time...thanks to all for a wonderful day with wonderful people!

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watch it, nandina are now classified as a noxious weed in Texas, they can be very invasive.
Tally HO!

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