woodland plants for wet area

unclebuck1132April 2, 2010

I have a woodland in Missouri where my septic tank and drain field overflow keeps the ground wet. It is a South facing slope with moderate sunlight and hardwoods. This area stays wet. Are there plants or grass that will absorb this moisture? The drainfield is uphill but what it doesn't absorb flows into the woodlands. The soil is dark and moist.

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Someone at the Bog Forum might be able to help you more.
You want plants that like 'wet feet'.

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Lobelia cardinalis (Cardinal Flower). The hummingbirds will love you for planting them!

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I have a very wet place in my woods - plants I've had good luck with:

Primula japonica - these have to have a wet area, but will bloom in deep shade.

The petasitis - be careful with these - don't plant if you don't have room for them - they are big plants and they really spread!

Asian skunk cabbages - dramatic looking

Lobelia siphilitica (a blue relative of cardinal flower)

The turtleheads

Iris psuedocarpus - some people find this invasive, but with deep shade I haven't found it so.

The Joe-Pye weeds - eupatoriums

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