Tree cut in woods smells like poo....??

yoyobon_gwApril 9, 2011

We were clearing some brush and small trees and started noticing there was an awful smell of dog poo...and no, there wasn't any actual poo there.

Does anyone know what tree or bush in the wild would give off such a strong smell? And that smell traveled quite a distance too.

We live in the northeast.

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If you have Tree of Heaven (a non-native invasive tree that gets around), it sticks when cut. In fact it's nickname is "stinking sumac". Look up pictures and see if that is your plant.

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gayle0000(zone 5-Normal IL)

I had a massive siberian elm cut down in my front yard in fall 2008. Trunk was 5 feet across. I had the stump ground out. Filled the hole with soil, and grass is planted there now.

All season 2009 and 2010, I've had that poo smell in 2 very specific spots at the perimeter of the stump. It's not the whole perimeter that smells, just those 2 isolated spots. We'll see what happens in 2011.

One of the smelly spots, there is a little wood visible at the surface, and that piece of wood weeps all year. You can smell it 5 feet away...easy.

People/visitors and my kid comment on the smell. It's strong. It is the smell of poo...exactly the smell. It's definitely the tree.


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