How do I get rid of Rhubarb

JenWestie(z5 WI)May 17, 2006

Hi All:

I have rhubarb popping up everywhere. In my lawn, garden unders trees and bushes. How do I get rid of it? I don't like rhubarb and I have dogs that eat everything and don't want them eating rhubarb leaves. Any suggestions would be great. By the way I am pretty sure it's the wild type of rhubarb as I certainly didn't plant it!

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You could use weed killer. Put it on with a paint brush or something so you only get the rhubarb.


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Are you sure it is rhubarb. It might be burdock. If it is burdock, you have to dig up each root. Don't let anything go to seed.

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

If it is really rhubarb, the best thing is to dig it up and bring it to the plant swap on Saturday. :-) I am pretty sure it is the weed that looks an awful lot like rhubarb, though. I never heard of rhubarb spreading itself all over someone's yard. In which case you don't need to worry about your dogs eating the leaves. It is hard to get rid of that weed, though, so digging it up is what I do. Or if you just mow it real often that keeps it in check a bit.


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JenWestie(z5 WI)

Thanks everyone for the info. Digging it up will have to be it, because I think it's the weed thing. Poops! There's lots of it.

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

I'm also betting that it's burdock. I do have some volunteer rhubarb which started from seed. However, as seedlings they are really delicate the first several years and definitely would not try to take over. In fact, if grass crowds it, rhubarb will die. That applies to old stands as well as young.


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JenWestie(z5 WI)

It's burdock. Sigh. I hit it with round up, but nothing happened, so I will yank it out this weekend.

Thanks for all your help everyone!

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Round-up won't kill it right away. It has to be absorbed and translocated to the roots of the plant. In about a week the plants will start to yellow and die. Spray them on a dry day with no wind so you don't get overspray on plants you want to save.

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

I'll second the Roundup results. Tried it last year and nothing happened for a few days. Then it began to yellow and die. Never came back again and no sign of any this year. If one wants to hasten Roundup's effects without waiting for the foliage to begin to die, hoe it to ground level and then spray the stubs.


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