Beautiful but bland tomatoes

melissaca_gwJuly 13, 2011

Hi! I'm in the Los Angeles area and my tomatoes have been ripening for the last few weeks. They are gorgeous. But, they taste so bad. They are bland and mealy. (Cherokee Purples and German Johnsons) The plants grow in my 5x8 garden, straight into my backyard soil, with granular fertilizer and a little compost when I planted.

My guess is that I've been watering way too much. Since planting in early April I've been watering 2x/week VERY deeply. Since tasting my tomatoes I cut back on my watering. In fact, I haven't watered in almost two weeks (and they don't show any signs of needing water!).

Will the flavor of the tomatoes ever improve, or will they all be watery and bland? This is my third year growing tomatoes. The first two years my tomatoes tasted great.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

My guess is that I've been watering way too much.

That is a good guess and the most likely since both mealyness and bland taste are watering related issues. Reducing the watering to the point where it is needed by the plants will help both.


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Dave tells the truth on this matter. Taking it a step further, if you happen to have one particular plant with enough fruit set already there, you do have the option of ceasing all water, bringing the plant into attention mode. As well as eating hopefully a better tasting tomato sooner.

This is your plant and your choice. I have done this before, and if you have a problem killing a plant from lack of water, I wouldn't recommend it. But I do not.

If I come to a point of being satisfied with a cerain amount of fruit, I usually am happy with cutting all water, letting the plant die, and harvesting quickly ripened, good-tasting tomatoes. However, since you mentioned two viners.

Take care,

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