Viola Valley Wildflowers, Viola TN - dealt with them?

myrtle_59April 20, 2008

If so, how do you rate them? I am thinking of making a fairly large order of woodland flowers, bareroot.


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What a coincidence! I just ordered from them. About 10 trilliums and a Mayapple. Coming in soon I heard.

I have to say though, maybe its because I am 16 or whatever, the shipping confused the heck out of me. The combine shipping, but how can you trust that if you don't know exactly how much you're paying. But at the end they emailed us saying they combined it. Still have no idea how they did. My family is baffled.

I'll post a follow up once I get the plants in.

Oh, and the total for the plants- $13.07 or something like that :D

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Thanks, I decided to go ahead and take a chance too!

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I've heard that bare-rooting trilliums kills them. I think it was in Bill Cullina's Wildflowers book. In fact, he says something like, "Anyone who sells bare-root trilliums has almost certainly dug them from the wild, because anyone who knows and cares about trillium knows that disturbing its roots kills the plant." ???

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I'll report back how it works out. (though I won't know for sure til next year probably). btw amelanchier, my service berry ('sarvis') is blooming and is just beautiful. I want a couple more now!

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There are so many kinds, & they are all so delightful; I only have a. arborea, but I want to try them all. :)

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FWIW, digging and shipping Trilliums bare root does not "kill" them! I have dug them while dormant(no foliage)and in the green(foliage & flower) and later transplanted them, with no ill effects. When I purchase them from mail order sources, they always arrive bare root, with no packing material, such as damp moss, shredded paper, etc. and have never had a problem establishing them.
I can only surmise that Bill Cullina, in making that statement, was trying to discourage people from purchasing them, as it is common knowledge, within the nursery trade, that 99% of those offered for sale throughout the world, are wild harvested. Harvesting and selling native plants, is a cottage industry in Southern Appalachia and in some cases represents the only cash income for some families. While it is illegal to remove any plant from public lands, a property owner may legally remove any plant from his/her property and dispose of it in whatever manner they wish.
Propagaton of Trilliums by Tissue Culture has proven to be an extremely difficult task and to date, only a few West coast species have been successfully produced by a nursery in New Zealand.
Production from seed or division is a time consuming effort, requiring up to 5 years to produce a flowering plant. A "for profit" nursery is not going to attampt that avenue of production and then compete for sales with the ones that sell the wild harvested ones for less than a $ each. MHO

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I've ordered from them several times. Shipping takes quite some time. Not that the plants are languishing en route, but from the time you pay til the time they go and dig the plants up is a few weeks sometimes.

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I have bought trilliums from sources that propagate on their own land & harvest sustainably. Yes, they're usually $15 apiece or so, but I'm willing to pay that.

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I've ordered from viola valley wildflowers before and was very pleased. I bought some Christmas Ferns last year and have my order ready to go this year. They arrived in wonderful condition, ready to plant. The ferns and shipping were reasonable. I have also moved trilliums dormant and green without a problem.

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fivemurfs(6.5 TN)

The bare roots I received from Viola Valley Farms were very good quality and very reasonably priced. I planted all about two weeks ago. So far Virginia Bluebells, Wintergreen, and Merry Bells have broken ground. I suspect I won't see trillium until the spring, but I don't see why they won't be as healthy as the others.

Viola Valley Farms was very good to work with and answered all questions, including estimating the postage, before I placed the order. They will fill up a box and shipped it for $8.95, and that's a lot of bare root plants! Shipping did take time, but this was disclosed before I placed the order. I'll definitely order from them again next year, only a little earlier in the season.

Thank you, Razorback, for pointing out that wildflower sales are a source of income for many people in Appalachia.
and most people are are smart enough not to kill their own livelihood. Trilliums are quite prolific in the right location. I planted my first trilliums about 5 years ago and they are reproducing so well that I've given many of them away.

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In my part of the country the deer are eradicating the trillium in all but the hardest to reach areas. They are not conservationist at all in their approach.

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"most people are are smart enough not to kill their own livelihood."

Tell that to Maine lobstermen, British Columbia salmon fishermen, anyone who's studied the history of the American bison, etc., etc. If something is a valuable common resource, accessible to all, then the incentive is for everyone to grab as much as he can, as fast as he can. With private property it's a different story. (Cite: Garrett Hardin, "The Tragedy of the Commons.")

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

I ordered from them a few years back and will never reorder. Shipping took forever and many things were dessicated and never emerged.

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I ordered this spring and everything I ordered was in good shape and is now all thiving. I have tried trilliums a great many times and this is the first batch I have had success with and they even bloomed!! I got two varieties of trillium, a couple varieties of ferns, some geraniums some woodland poppies ,bloodroot and some phlox and lobelia. I am planning on ordering again next spring

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I purchased some lobelia plants from them and was short shipped. I contacted them, ordered two crape myrtle plants and was told they would ship the lobelias with that order. I received the lobelias they had missed but then they short shipped the crape myrtles. I contacted them and was told I was trying to blackmail them! The plants appear to be healthy and are a nice size but I would really like to get what I paid for. I do not recommend them.

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I placed an order for 120 plants last Nov. and received them within 10 days. Everything was well packed and in good shape. No shortages of anything.
I ordered from their website. I do not purchase anything on ebay, nor do I ever load their website anymore. I found it to be a source for terrific numbers of Spyware!

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You are lucky if you received what you ordered from Viola Valley Wildflowers. My plants which emerged was NOT what I had ordered and when I contacted the company was told I was the only one out of thousands who THEY had a problem with. I finally had to contact the BBB to get any satisfaction and I still will not know I received the plants I ordered until this spring. You do take a chance when you order from this company. plantbug

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So I'm excited now and a little worried.

This spring I really have no clue whether my plants will sprout this spring. Last year they didn't pop up at all so I won't be ordering from them again until my plants sprout up.

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I ordered again this year, as stated I would in a post here last year. Everything arrived in tip top shape again.

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susanswoods(Z6 VA)

I ordered from them last fall and was very pleased with their plants and service. I think their prices are good and they had some hard to find items.

Here is a link that might be useful: Through the Hedge

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STAY AWAY - My experience is they take your money and don't ship....2 phone calls (no return call, just a machine) 2 emails (no response) 30 days later only a threat to dispute with PayPal got me a's shipping on Monday. today is 4 days later....I got NOTHING....STAY AWAY -- they took my money but gave me NOTHING. Bobby - you're one bad businessman...really, really bad.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Yes, these people are bad news! They have a pretty bad Garden Watchdog rating and apparently quite a few upset customers.

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