Mossy Woodlands this year

tomasincasApril 13, 2012

Has anyone else noted that with the mild winter,their sure seems to be a lot more moss covering much of the woodland areas.I usually dont mind moss, but with so much of it this year,I am worried about it from keeping all my other plants from coming I go around and simply using my fingers scrape a lot of it away. I am wondering if it will choke off any new Solomon's seal or new Jack in the Pulpits...Any thoughts ?? Tom

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Moss won't hurt anything, nor will it stop anything from coming up through it. In fact, it makes a good ground cover and an excellent living mulch. Just welcome the magical feeling it gives your woodland garden, it is totally harmless, won't choke off anything at all.

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Moss is an excellent area for seeds to germinate as it keeps them moist. I agree, you should welcome it for several reasons. It won't hurt anything.

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I'm mystified with people who kill moss in their yards. Moss can't out-compete ANYTHING--and it's way better than dirt for anything that might grow there. :-)

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Ok then, sounds good ,will leave most of the moss in place.
Where I want it to grow, between the 18 by 18 inch stepping stones that lead down to my woodlands, it has a tough time growing there. When I first put the stepping stones in ,I think they said, I should put small pieces of gravel under and between them for leveling..maybee I should remove some of the small stones and put more dirt in between the steping stones and it might Encourage the moss to grow....Anyways will try and post picture of what I am talking about...Thanks to all...Tom

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Both Solomons Seal and Jack in the Pulpit are powerfull plants. Neither moss, grass or weeds will stop them!

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