Is this a serviceberry?

eddiebird(z6 KCMO)April 8, 2012

These small trees are all over the woods on my rural property in Eastern Kansas. The flowers did not last long and when I compare them to a serviceberry at the Dept. of Conservation here in Kansas City, the flowers on my trees are pitiful. Pitiful! The flowers and the leaves don't exactly look like the serviceberries I see in books but I don't know what else these small understory trees could be. :-/

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Sure looks like it to me. Amelanchier alnifolia perhaps.


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I just went out and picked a serviceberry leaf for comparison, looks just like it. Mine are already done blooming and berries are forming, so no flowers to compare. If they are indeed serviceberries, you should be seeing berry clusters.


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eddiebird(z6 KCMO)

Tsugajunkie-Thanks for the confirmation that it is a serviceberry. I don't know if it's the saskatoon one but heck, "seviceberry" is good enough for me. Thanks!

Mosswitch- I had heard so much about the beauty of serviceberries but I guess what I have in my woods is quantity, not quality. The flower display was pitiful. My photo shows the biggest cluster of flowers I could find. :-/ Maybe I'll get a dozen berries....and probably on a dozen trees! :-/ Oh well. I'm just happy to finally know what all those little trees are and maybe some year in the future they might surprise me with a big flower display. Thanks for running outdoors and getting that comparison for me. It's very much appreciated. Now I can move on to identifying other mysteries in the woods. :-)

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

The flower show will vary from year to year. Mine have a 3-4 year cycle of boom and bust. If you can get 3 1/2 cups of berries, they make a great pie. This year will be slim for me, but the two years prior I was able to get enough for my wife to make the that's good eatin'.


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or 4 cups of berries = batch of jam

follow the recipe for blueberries

This year looks great so far. Last year was slim, but the year before was when I picked enough over a few days for the jam. I just have to get them when ripe before the birds do.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

We had early hot weather and late hard freezes. Many fruit trees lost buds/blossoms and/or weren't pollinated (too cold for the bees). It's a thin year here for juneberries. :(


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