how do i get rid of wild onion?

dani_plus_2May 4, 2009

Help! I've got wild onions! Blah. How do I get rid of them without killing everything around them? Just dig dig dig???

Thanks in advance for any ideas...


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Dig, Dig, Dig.

I don't think that even roundup will completly kill them.

Any reason why you don't want to keep them? I have them throughout my herb bed and just leave them there for eating.

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I have them all over my garden as well. In my case they aren't wild per se, but the walking onions whose topsets I dropped on accident that took hold and spread.

I have painted them with RoundUp and it kind of works, but may require more than 1 application. Other than that, dig, dig, dig or just leave them in place.

I have more or less made peace with them. They are in lawn areas so they stay trimmed by the mower.

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What type of wild onions are they? Are they ramps aka Wild Leeks? If so let me know where you are and I'd be happy to come over and dig them up! Contact me by email if interested.

Little John

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Ha! A very smart friend of mine actually told me they are Wild GARLIC. Hence the snake heads that form on top. Hmmm....she told me if I take the head off that they will make garlic bulbs. I'm going to try!

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They may form proper bulbs, but then what? They still need to be dug up and removed or they grow again next year.

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I had tried everything that said it killed wild onion... no such luck... And this year.. they were coming up everywhere!

In some obscure forum somewhere I came across the comment that "my yard man said that if I had wild onions I needed to add lime to my yard." I did some more googling on wild onions and lime and found several more similar comments. So.. what the heck... I'd give it a try.

I bought fast acting pelletized lime at Lowe's and applied it at the rate of two bags per 5000 sq ft.

Amazing... Two months later and the wild onions are GONE!

It does seem to be true... wild onions like a more acid soil... and my grass likes a more neutral soil. Adding the lime got rid of the wild onions fast... and my yard is a bit greener and lusher from the lime too.

If you have wild onions... give the lime a try. Sure worked for me!

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