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Columbine2012(5)April 3, 2014

Hello! I have a woodland trail and garden that gets partial sun. So far I've had good luck with hostas, bugleweed, evening primrose and ivy on the trail (soil is mostly clay) part. After the trail there are steps that lead to the garden where I have lots of natives like snowdrops, trout lillies, bloodroot and some black eyed susans that come up in the woods plus a few things I have put in like wild ginger, bleeding hearts, toad lily, and cardinal flower. The soil on the garden part is very nice and easy to work with. I am looking for any advice for landscaping this area or plants to use either for the trail or garden. (The picture I have is the stairs because I could not find any of the garden. For the stairs I was planning on redoing them with brick to make them more stable and easier for others to walk on )

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

Sorry Columbine, but this is a mess. The whole setting looks like it's been disturbed. The trees look like maples which are shallow rooted and appear to have choked off anything being able to grow there. The ground also looks as hard as macadam as well - it's doubtful if you could plant anything there and have it survive let alone prosper.

You're going to need to really rethink what you want to do here and I would limit my investment here to just making it navigable should it lead to something that's a bit more garden like.

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Columbine, it looks to me like you have some nice trees around there. (Where are you located?) And the plants that you've listed sound great! Except the ivy which can kill the trees. Here's a website that tells you what kind of trouble it can cause: http://walamarestoration.org/resources/english-ivy-the-hazards-and-removal-strategies.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but it looks pretty steep. Your trail seems to have some erosion happening. I don't know a lot about making stairs on trails - maybe someone else can offer help there - but I would cover that trail with something, even leaves, to try to stop the soil loss.

I just did a search to see what was out there and found a site that might help you. It's called Woodland Stewardship. It sounds like what you are trying to do. I've posted the link to the chapter on trails, but the home page has the contents on the right starting with making a woodland stewardship plan. Hope it helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Woodland Stewardship - Trails

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Columbine , I have just a small area for my woodlands
garden,I just made a path down thru an arbor and I used creek bed flat stones as steps.I put in green variety of hostas ,many types of Ferns,Trout Lillies,Bloodroot ,Wild Ginger and many native Wood Hyacinths ,May apples etc.I will try and post a picture...I also placed a Park bench where we can sit in amongst them....Nice and cool in the summer time as it receives only partial sun

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I started off with pretty much the same thing. steep hill, a lot of grape, honeysuckle, poison ivy, English ivy etc...it just takes time and tons on work and a lot of good soil > get rid of those bricks.

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Looking good there, Shadyplace!


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Wow, tomasincas and shadyplace! Those are gorgeous! Do you have any before pictures?

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michey1st_gw Zone 7

Oh my heavens, Shadyplace! Your hill is an inspiration! We have a similar hill leading down into the forest in our back yard and this is exactly what I was picturing doing a little bit at a time! Can I ask, did you install this yourself? I'd love to see before pics as well, if you have them!

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This was 7 years ago>>my husband THEN 76. He did the wall and we ripped out big old white azaleas (see a bit below). It does not take long for me to fill up a place with plants...no plan, just stick them in. LOL Before the wall we had old railroad tie walls. You have to remember we are old and this garden was started years ago. Just do a little at a time.

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