What Happened to all my Weigela this Spring/Winter?

sandylovesflowers(5)May 10, 2006

I am baffled. I have three different types of Weigela (three of one kind and one each of two other types). This past winter, one died, and the other four look like they are half dead. Half of the branches are brown and dry the other half have leaves on them.

What happened, and what should I do? I am thinking that if I cut out what has died out, the shrub will look "funny", because in some cases, it looks like one side of the shrub is living, while the other side is dead. Should I just dig out and replace or give them a chance?

If I think back..... we had a few days in January where the temperatures got into the upper 40s/lower 50s. Could this have "hurt" them?

What do you think? Anyone else have this problem this year, too?


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I know the Wine and Roses weigela don't seem to do too well here, even in zone 5b. Are they in well drained soil? With this mild winter we had and all the rain we got down here, there was a lot of standing water. That's death to a lot of plants. Do the ones that look half dead have separate stems coming out of the ground? Like one or more of the stems coming out of the ground look dead and the others from the ground are getting leaves? Myself, I would cut the dead stems down and hope the live ones would fill in during the summer. Is the area they're in get the cold north wind? Could be they need some shelter from that. Hope someone else looks here so you can get more help!


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tufameister(z4 WI)

I only have one but a few of the branches were also dead. However, mine is in the open and gets hammered with a lot of wind. I just cut the dead branches out.

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

My weigela is okay, but some evergreen shrubs that have been around forever died. I think it is because the weather was warm too long last year, then we didn't have a lot of snow, then we had a few terribly cold days in Jan. or Feb., remember when it was -20 for a couple days? Maybe it froze to death when there was no snow cover?

I think the plants got all confused even if they didn't die. My forsythia bloomed a little in late Nov. and did almost nothing this spring.


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wigardenerwannabe(Z5 WI)

I had weigela that had patches of leaves - very scarce. I ended up pruning it all down to the ground and am going to see what will happen. I also have a sweet autumn clematis that is blooming now...so go figure.

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I cut mine back, too, but not to the ground. There was a lot of new growth coming in, so I decided to cut them all back - by more than half of the bush! They actually don't look too bad. Sweet autumn clemmie blooming? Hmmmm..... isn't that a fall bloomer? What's up with that?


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wigardenerwannabe(Z5 WI)

I'm not sure about the clematis. I bought it last year and it bloomed in the fall and was labeled a sweet autumn, but perhaps it is something else? I can't say for sure.

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my verigated weigela bloomed beautifully for two years. Now this spring the back half of mine has no leaves on it.. Its almost exactly half and half. Im not sure what to do.. Do I just cut back the dead and leave the front? Or do I cut back the whole plant. Ohio had a lot of snow this winter .. dont know if that was the problem.

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I just noticed I've lost my varigated weigela this year, too! It's been in the ground for several years, and is protected from the wind. Not sure what happened, but the vast majority of the branches are dead. Maybe two or three have some leaves. It IS coming up from the ground. I think I'll cut it all the way back and hope for the best.

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You may not need to cut it back. I had a very small Wine and Roses plant I thought I would be returning to the nursury this spring because all the branches were ashen and brittle. To my surprise in mid May all of the branches produced leaves and I am hoping now for flowers too :)

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