Potato Bugs

smallaxeJune 17, 2007

I haven't done alot with potatoes in a while but this year have done it up nicely. The bugs appeared just last week. I have been killing adults and destroying eggs manually.

Has anyone found a successful tactic of keeping the potatoe bugs away? (without the use of pesticides).

Thanks, .rick.

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I take it from the lack of response the answer is 'no' ;-)

I don't grow potatos so have no experience with potato bugs, but I do have a lot of insects that like my veggy garden from cabbage loopers to cucumber beetles to whatever.

I generally spray plants typically bothered by insects with neem oil to keep the bugs disinterested and it works very well for me. Not sure if you are familiar with neem oil, but if not just google on it.

I suppose it is a pesticide, but it's not at all like Sevin and such.

For the most part insects seems to just avoid sprayed plants and it is non toxic to mammals, bees and pretty much anything that doesn't eat a plant sprayed with it. In fact honey bee keepers actually spray the bees with it to keep mites at bay.

If ingested by an insect it stops their feeding, prevents them from reproducing and they end up starving to death.

It is used in health care products meant to be applied to the skin as well as ingested so you know it's not something you have to worry about kids or pets with.

Even the japanese beetles avoid the grapes sprayed with it.

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I had heard about neem oil years ago, but never did anything with it. Now I shall.
Good idea,

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