Redbud tree in a garden box

JustFionaMay 20, 2013

Hi! I planted a redbud from a nursery in June of 2011. Our plan was to have a raised, boxed in garden along the back fence, so we put the tree into a 3' x 3' x 2' high box and planned on finishing the rest of the garden later and removing the left and right sides of the box so the tree would be in the long, raised garden. We wanted the tree up ASAP as we had just lost our massive poplars to old age and wanted some privacy from the ugly old apt building behind us.

We have now decided not to continue to build the raised garden as it would be too expensive (wood/earth).

The tree is doing well, but hasn't grown much in height. Since we planted it june 2011, it has grown about 6". Having it in the box gives is the extra 2' in height, but I wonder if its growth is stunted because of being in the box? Would it be better to transplant it in the ground? It was an expensive tree and its a lovely shape, albeit small.

I'd like opinions on whether it would grow better/faster inside our outside the box. Im not a gardener... just learning! :) Thanks!!

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One more thing... There is no bottom on the box so its just 4 sides. I wonder if the roots have gone below ground level yet?

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I think it would do far better in the ground. The roots would stay cooler and the surface feeder roots could spread.

Yes, the roots are in the ground already.
Redbuds are known for having a very long taproot and not transplanting well so one would think that if you are ever going to move it the sooner the better.
If you do decide to do this do it during dormancy and dig deeply.

Even better (and far easier on the tree) might be to remove the sides of the box and simply add a bit of soil to build a small transitional berm from ground level to the level where the tree is planted. You won't want to change the actual planting depth of the tree at all- just a bit of soil to make it look like it fits in. This is what I would do. It would not disturb the taproot and would still allow other roots to spread out.

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