Is there any benefit to cottonwood trees?

LindaFromOKCMay 25, 2012

i have two small wooded areas that I'm about to extend by planting a variety of trees: pecan, mulberry, pine, etc. There aren't many trees in it right now and a couple of them are very large cottonwood trees, known for blowing all of that fluff into air-conditioning systems. Should I bother to cut them down, which will be somewhat expensive, especially since there are other cottonwoods in the neighborhood anyway, so I won't be 'getting rid of' the problem.

Is there any benefit to cottonwood trees? Should I just keep them and enjoy the fact that they are nice, big shade trees?

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Well, I personally love cottonwoods, and have a large, approaching mature one. Yes, the fluff is a bit messy for a few weeks, and they do self-seed with abandon, but that's life, nothing is perfect. I say enjoy them and don't spend $$$ to get rid of perfectly healthy trees. Now, if they were rotting in the trunk and posed a safety hazard, that would be a different story.

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Thanks, denninmi. That sounds like a good plan.

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